Claire Thompson
January 4, 2021

Global Work Spaces Partners with easyStorage

easyStorage has partnered with Global Work Spaces, a flexible office co-working company, to offer a discount to all their members across all of their offices in the UK.

easyStorage has partnered with Global Work Spaces, a flexible office co-working company, to offer a discount to all their members across all of their offices in the UK.

Every Global Work  Spaces (GWS) customer is now entitled to a discount of £50 on storage with easyStorage.

What is coworking?

Coworking is where people work independently on different projects in a neutral space, or where groups can work together on the same projects. Most coworkers don’t work for the same company, although there are trends towards coworking spaces for teams.

Coworking spaces like GWS offer all the ‘mod cons’ you would find in a traditional office. However, there is a lot more flexibility: there is no need to sign a long-term lease. Spaces offer facilities like Internet, printers, conference rooms and meeting spaces, and useful office kitchen facilities. These are maintained and managed by the provider, taking a strain off the company and allowing focus.

At the beginning of the last decade, just 21,000 people around the world were ‘co-working’. By 2018, this was 1.69 million and rising. In London alone, arguably the coworking capital of the world, 994,000 square metres were dedicated to coworking by the end of last year, and flexible workspaces made up around 7% of the London Commercial Real Estate market(2019).

GGQS research suggests that the three most popular coworking industries are:

1.            IT – Information technology is the dominating industry, taking up an estimated 22% of flexible desk spaces;

2.            PR, Marketing & Sales – The second biggest proportion of co workers come from these industries – increasing faster every year;

3.            Consultancy – Consultancy has been a core part of coworking since the trend emerged.

Whilst these industries tend to be characterised by small companies and freelancers, 14% of employees at large companies now use coworking spaces - the average GWS coworking client takes seven desks. It’s easy to understand why. With companies being allowed to work on an on-off basis and a background of COVID, many companies are wasting money on empty, unoccupied buildings.

And the double whammy of both Brexit and COVID creates a financial uncertainty for the next few years which may require a great deal of flexibility – no-one is yet sure who the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ will be commercially.

Why would GWS partner with easyStorage?

Having storage space alongside shared workspaces makes sense.

If you’ve moved out of premises were you’ve invested in furniture that you won’t use in your newspace, you may be better off storing than selling in a market where few are buying or where things may justify a return to traditional space.

Then there’s historic paperwork, notably accounts, which need saving securely for legal purposes, and if there re paper records with personal information, these will definitely need storage away from ‘open to all’ offices.

For marketing people,estate agencies and more, there are often props and signs that need storing.Whilst it’s always, of course, possible to keep some in the offices, there’s a point at which your office neighbours regard you as antisocial (or you have to start paying for extra space).

Our easyStorage teams go out of their way to make things easy for their customers, backed by fabulous telephone support.

The easyStorage offering

easyStorage has facilities across much of the UK.

Booking is simple, and can be done by phone or online (where you can get a no obligation quote), and our teams come and collect your belongings, store them in a sealed, dry container, and return them when you want them. They can even help you pack.

Best of all, the cost for customers is around half that of traditional storage.

Quiet revolutions

We believe that coworking facilities are doing for workplaces what we do for storage: offering a low-cost solution which is quietly revolutionising traditional ways of doing things.

Flexibility all round!

Partner with us?

If you are interested in partnering with easyStorage to benefit your business, please contact our new partnerships manager, Irene Kapetanaki.

And if you want to find out more about GWS and their available workspaces please contact them on

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Claire Thompson

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