How does easyStorage work?

easyStorage offers a great value-for-money, no-frills approach to storage for both individuals and businesses.  We bring storage easyPods to your door and load the things that you want to send to storage in a purpose-built secure facility.  Us coming to you means that you never have to deal with the frustration, expense and inconvenience of using a self-storage facility again.

Whenever you know you want your items returned, simply log in to your easyStorage account, and schedule a return of your easyPod. Give us much notice as you can and we’ll bring your items back to your door!

How is easyStorage different from self-storage?

Basically, easyStorage is cheaper and you don’t have to get your things to the self-storage location.

We come to you.

Not only does easyStorage provide secure storage for your items, but we also make storage easy by doing all the lifting, driving and packing…. if you don’t want to do it yourself.

What can I store?

Furniture, bicycles, boxes, books, golf bags, house decorations, baby clothes, appliances, documents, office furniture, pretty much anything except the following:

-Any single item that is longer than 2.25m
-Living things (e.g. fish, animals or house plants)
-Illegal/controlled substances of any kind
-Liquids of any kind
-Food or perishables
-Hazardous materials (i.e. anything containing gas, anything combustible/flammable, firearms, explosives, used tires, chemicals, radioactive/biological/toxic materials, anything containing asbestos)
-Any items that give off smells/fumes.

For a complete list of prohibited items please see our T&Cs

What area do easyStorage serve?

We cover nearly every part of the UK. Please go to and enter your postcode on the booking page.

What is the minimum period I can store things for?

You can store items for as little as one month.

What are easyStorage opening hours?

Office Opening Hours

Sales Desk 08.00-19.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00-18.00 on Saturdays
Customer Support (inc booking Returns or Access) 08.00-17.00 Monday to Friday
Access Visits:  09.00-16.00 Monday to Fridays (subject to availability.  Appointment needs to be booked)
Please note that if you are an existing customer, most things can be done through your online account at

Can easyStorage help me load/unload my easyPod when I visit?

Yes, not a problem all. We charge £35 per hour per loader to help.

Can I bring my things to your storage facility?

If you would prefer to bring things to us, we are happy for you to do this. Also, should you wish to take things out of a more expensive self-storage or removals company storage, we are happy to either go to their site or for you to ask them to deliver to our storage facility.

Can I visit my things in storage?

Absolutely, all that’s needed is two clear working days’ notice so that we can arrange for your easyPods to be delivered to the Customer Viewing area at your nearest storage facility.

How many loaders are provided for collections and returns?

A minimum of 2 loaders are provided. This allows for the safe lifting of heavier items and means faster loading. For larger storage plans, extra loaders will be provided automatically.

Do I have to pay for fuel or drive time?

Certainly not! We don’t charge for drive time or fuel, and we don’t start the clock until we have arrived.

How many loaders do I get?

Every easyStorage plan comes with a team of movers that best suits the needs of the size of the job (please select the plan you want and then press ‘book’ and it will show you how many loader are allocated to that plan and the cost).  We aim to be as efficient and timely as possible moving of your items, whilst maintaining safety at all times.

How much does labour cost?

We charge a fixed fee for loading and collecting each Pod. We also offer packing services on an hourly rate. The rate for both will vary according to the location of the job.

Can easyStorage donate or dispose of items?

No. We do not offer donation or disposal services at this time. If you’d like to remove items from storage, just login to your easyStorage account and schedule a delivery.

Should I tip easyStorage movers?

If our team did a great job, they would appreciate whatever you felt was appropriate. Please also leave a review on Trust Pilot or Google Reviews.

I moved outside my original service area, how do I get my stored items back?

Not a problem, we can arrange delivery. Whilst we don't charge a transportation fee if the return is within 10 miles from where we collected, there is a small per mile charge to return the items further afield.

Do you provide boxes and packing materials?

Yes we do.  We have a well priced selection in the supplies section of the website. There are also some convenient starter packs to choose from.

Will easyStorage disassemble and reassemble my items?

easyStorage will not be held liable for anything that goes wrong with disassembling or reassembling your furniture or electrical appliances.  So, it’s best to get this done before your pick-up. This will also reduce your labour costs.

On returning your items from storage, we won’t re-build furniture, hook up appliances or mount TVs. You will need to find a local handyman or expert to take care of those tasks.

Who is responsible for packing delicate items and valuables?

If easyStorage packs the items, we will ensure they are packed as safely as we can. For items you have packed beforehand, it’s up to you to ensure they have been packed correctly. We are happy to repack or re-wrap to ensure that everything can be transported and stored safely.

Once the easyPod is loaded, take a note of the unique numbers on our security seals.  This way you will be sure that no-one has been in to your easyPod whilst in storage.

Can I store furniture?

Absolutely!  We are happy to store your furniture.  However, no single item can be longer than 2.25m

Most furniture items like a dining table, sofa or king size mattresses etc, require a second loader.

Will easyStorage wait while I pack my boxes?

We can.  However, it’s best to pack your items before we arrive to avoid waiting time charges.

If you need more time to prepare, you can always reschedule your pick-up. There is no fee to reschedule or cancel a pick-up as long as you let us know at least 48 hours before your scheduled pick-up time.

Can I pay for extra packing help?

Absolutely!  Just let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.  Extra packing help is charged at our standard loader rates outlined in your plan.  If there is a lot of packing to be done, we might ask to send a team a day or so ahead of the collection.

Do I need to pack before easyStorage arrives?

We recommend packing as many boxes as possible ahead of time. Having said this, if you would prefer we did all the packing, this is fine too.  Just let us know when you are placing the order.

-Think ahead to the collection.  
-Do loose items need to be packed in boxes?
-Does your furniture needs to be wrapped and/or covered with dust sheets?
-Does your artwork needs to be professionally packaged and crated?
-Do parking permits need to be applied for so loading can take place closer to your premises?  This saves on time and parking tickets!

How do I prepare for my pick-up?

Remember that we are here to do as much or as little as you would like.  However, the more you do ahead of time, the quicker the pick up will be.

Here are some packing tips to help you prepare for your easyStorage pick-up:

Disassemble furniture and electrical appliances.  easyStorage will not be held liable for anything that goes wrong with disassembling or reassembling your furniture or electrical appliances. So, it’s best to get this done before your collection.

Label your boxes clearly. Make sure your notes and scribbles on the outside of the box can be read and make sense to you.  This is especially important when you are storing a lot of similar looking boxes.

Pack boxes tightly
. Surround your items with crumpled newspaper, packing paper or bubble wrap to make sure your items do not shift within the box.

How does the storage collection work?

Our moving team and van comes to the location you specified in your order, as close to the time requested as possible.  

How do I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

As long as you cancel or reschedule at least two clear working days before your scheduled appointment, there is no cancellation fee.  If you haven’t given two clear working days a fee will apply.

Will easyStorage wait for me if I am running late?

Please call us as soon as you know something has come up.   We are here to help you.  However, if waiting for you means being late to our next customer, you will understand that we will have to reschedule your appointment.  This will come at a cost.

We will wait 15 minutes for you to answer the door.  If it’s possible to wait longer, we will, but we will have to charge.

How does easyStorage make sure all my items are returned to me?

During your collection, all your items are placed into easyPods.  These are containers that are closed at your premises and numbered security seals are added.  You will then be able to see that no one has had access since sending your items to storage.

How do I schedule a return delivery?

It’s easy! You can schedule a return delivery by logging into your account, selecting the easyPod you would like returned, and specifying a return delivery date.

If you request your items to be returned mid storage term you will not receive a refund for any time remaining on the term.

When can easyStorage return my items back to me?

Please logon to your online account to check for availability and then book the return on the calendar. Please note that we need at least two clear working days’ notice but please give as much notice as possible as it is dependant on availability.

All scheduling is subject to availability so it is best to book in advance through your online easyStorage account to get the best chance of getting the delivery time you want. There’s no fee to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you let us know at least two clear working days’ before your appointment time.

How do I make a booking?

Please book online at or call us on 0800 061 4091

What does it cost to visit easyStorage and access my easyPods?

The first hour of each visit is FREE.

It then costs £35 per hour (or part hour). Two clear working days' notice is required so that we can transfer your easyPods to the customer viewing area.

When do I pay?

At the time of booking, easyStorage charges for the initial period of the plan you choose, any insurance cover you take out, the first hour of loading and any packing materials that you have ordered.

Billing is then automatic so you don’t have to remember to pay each time.

How much does it cost for a collection or return of my items?

We charge a fixed fee for both collecting and returning each Pod so you know where you are with the cost. The rate will vary according to the location of the job.

What if my payment is late?

If you are experiencing difficulties with payments, please call us to discuss what went wrong and we will try to help you get things back on track.

Do your prices include VAT

To keep things simple and transparent, all the prices displayed do include VAT.  Your invoice will break out the VAT if you are in a position to recover it.  When comparing prices, you should make sure that other providers’ prices also include VAT – many of them don’t!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Amex

Can I purchase extra protection for my storage plan?

Yes, you can choose to purchase additional insurance at the time of booking your plan.

Are my items stored in a secure facility?

Yes. easyStorage stores your items in secure storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV. Only authorised personnel are allowed near stored items, the storage facilities are closed to the public.

How do I know my things are in good hands?

easyStorage is committed to the security and safety of your stored items. Security starts with our excellent moving team.  All our team are carefully picked professionals. This means that the people in charge of your items are careful and methodical when packing, transporting and storing your items.

Our storage facilities are monitored with CCTV 24/7 and are closed to the public; only authorized personnel are allowed inside. When easyStorage picks up the items you are storing, your items are placed in to easyPods.  These are containers that are closed, at your premises, and numbered security seals are added.  You will then be able to see that no one has had access since sending your items to storage.

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