How Local Authorities Save Money on Storage

Maintaining a council budget is especially difficult these days and many find they need to scramble to save money wherever possible. According to the BBC, local councils will end up nearly £6bn short in the next two years. This means councils need to cut costs without cutting the quality of the services they offer. One place they can increase efficiency is in tenant storage.

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If someone registers as homeless, the local council will usually provide storage for their things until they can be moved into proper housing. There are several reasons why tenant storage might be invoked, including tenant death and homelessness. Unfortunately, storage can be pricey and when the council is already struggling with the budget, more affordable options are always welcome.

Finding the right storage company is essential when it comes to saving money. Not all companies are alike and pricing can vary drastically. Councils will also want to ensure their tenants’ belongings are secure.

Top Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Storage Company

With storage companies available everywhere, how do you choose the best one for your needs? Keep the following factors in mind as you make your decision.


Pricing is essential for councils looking to spend their budgets wisely. Many storage companies offer an initial introductory offer to attract business, but prices can quickly escalate after that offer period and the storage ends up being more expensive in the long run.

Councils should get several quotes and look at how much it will cost for the entire storage period, not just the initial period. It is well known that many people end up storing items far longer than initially anticipated, so consider the costs if you need to extend.

If you are regularly storing belongings, look for a storage company willing to form a partnership with you and offer you preferential rates for being a regular client. Find a company that will work with you and offer flexibility. This can save you both time and money.


If a council is responsible for the storage of someone’s household items, they’ll need to be sure that the storage company selected is a safe one. The best possible option is one that seals the storage space or easyPod right in front of you.

Make sure the company has cameras on site for security and offers the option for you to add on insurance if you choose. It’s worth paying a little extra to insure the items being stored, in case of loss.

Collection and Delivery

How will the council get the tenant’s belongings to the storage unit? Trying to coordinate everything and make sure the items are properly packed away is possibly the least favourite part of storage for most people. When a council is trying to store items for someone who has nowhere to live, it can be particularly difficult, since there isn’t likely to be a vehicle available.

Storage companies that provide the van for free will always be at the top of the list of options as hiring these can be very expensive. easyStorage, for example, will bring the easyPod to the home or building that needs to be packed up and can even help with the packing.

Working with the same company to collect, store and return means you spend less time coordinating and managing everything. It also leaves less room for error, making the whole process more time and cost efficient.


Not all tenants have a full household of items. In an effort to stave off eviction, they may have sold off their larger and more expensive items, so it makes no sense for the council to pay for a large storage space or easyPod when only a small amount of items will be stored.

Some companies such as easyStorage offer a wide range of storage options, from individual boxes up to multiple easyPods. Picking a storage company that can be flexible in how much space you need to take will save you money.


You should never hire a company that has no feedback or reviews. While ratings don’t tell you everything, they can certainly give clients a good idea of the quality of service. Councils can save a lot of future difficulties by simply checking out the feedback that that has been left for a company. If the overall vibe is negative, stay away.

Choose a Recognised Brand

Choosing a well-known brand that has clear values is a wise choice. They will put their reputation behind looking after your tenants’ belonging and ensure your clients receive the best treatment, which reflects well on you.Established brands will also have clearly laid out policies and values.

These companies will also have experience in dealing with any challenges that pop up. They should have all the necessary measures in place to keep belonging safe, from security and insurance to a return policy.


While it does take a little time to research the best storage companies, every local council will benefit from doing it. Budgets are getting tighter and tighter, so it makes sense to find more economical, efficient solutions that will handle most of the work for you. Your tenants will be happy that their belongings are stored securely and the council will be able to stay on budget. The right company matters.

easyStorage offers solutions for all your storage needs. From economical pricing to varied storage unit sizes, the company has everything you need to keep your belongings safe and sound.

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