Daisy Santiago
May 14, 2020

Ten Things to Check before Renting a Storage Unit

Storage units are the go-to storage solution nowadays, thus, the rapid booming of the industry. They can always come in handy whenever you are in a bind of needing extra space to accommodate your extra stuff. I know that this might be a short-term solution for your storage needs, but there are things that you should be checking first before booking that storage unit. Like any other major decisions in life, this requires comprehension, too, as we are looking for a solution in our problem and not a problem on top of another problem. Sounds right?

If you are new in this kind of service, the very first thing you need is a guide to lead you on the right path of finding the best solution for your dilemma. Now, read on as we give you an idea of things you should be looking for in a storage company and what they can offer for you to give that big sign of approval.

1. Location of the storage unit

If you are going to rent a unit, as much as possible, you should aim in finding the nearest to your house or workplace. The monthly rental fee of a storage unit can add up to your expenses and you don’t want to end up spending more money on your petrol just to get to your storage unit. Make sure you choose the nearest one to avoid the hassle of traveling back and forth. Finding the nearest can be just one click away since everything is digital now.

2. Eyes on the price

Since there are too many storage companies, today, that are available in the market, you can take this as an advantage to search and compare which among them will best suit your budget. Pricing is one of the top things to consider before you decide on which among them you should choose. It is your responsibility to take care of your hard-earned money. Thus, you should make the effort of researching in picking a storage company that can give you the best customer experience at a very affordable price.

Let me give you a hint on which one to choose. easyStorage. Well, easyStorage is the cheapest storage company you can find in the city. We are 50% cheaper compared to other storage service providers and our pricing starts at £18.50 only. Our price never increases and we guarantee that there will be no hidden charges.

3. Promising promos and discounts

Since pricing must be considered carefully in renting a storage unit, promos and discounts are the factors you must watch out as well. You never know how much money you can save if you will take advantage of these amazing offers. Most of the storage companies offer discounts to early birds so you can opt to plan your booking during those promo dates.

4. Easy access to your unit

You are lucky enough if you can find a storage company that’s open 24/7. Why? Because it is more convenient if you will no longer have to plan your schedule in visiting your storage unit. Truth is, not all of the storage facilities offer a 24/7 service, but there are still some that operate even after working hours. You just have to find the one who will be compatible with your schedule as this could be your deciding factor in choosing the best storage partner for you.

5. Guaranteed safe and secure

Of course, this is one of the things to consider in choosing the best storage facility. A safe and secure facility is where we can entrust our valuables with.

A storage facility is a second home for your valuables, thus, you need to make sure that your things are safe and secure. Now that everything has been improved by advanced and innovative technology, lots of the storage company offers high standard security such as unit door alarm, security cameras, and electronic gate access. Also, nowadays, climate-controlled facilities are the trend in the storage industry. This type of facility offers high protection for your belongings against any damage caused by the constantly changing climate/temperature.

easyStorage facilities are all climate-controlled, thus, we are assuring you that your things will be safe from leaks, rust, dust, or pests. We also offer 24/7 CCTV monitoring and giving you the sole access to your unit to avoid any unfortunate events such as theft.

6. Suitable storage unit sizes

Having a wide option of storage unit sizes is a plus factor for a storage company as this means they can accommodate a wide range of customers. It would be amazing if you can find a storage unit that will exactly suit your needs. One factor you should consider is if a storage company can give you a storage unit fit for your needs, no more, no less. Most customers would not want to end up paying for storage units that have a bigger size than what they actually need. On the other hand, others would not want to settle for a smaller size that will squeeze all their belongings in.

easyStorage has standard unit sizes that you can check if your things will perfectly fit in. You can also have the option to calculate the storage size you need through our Space Guide (https://www.easystorage.com/space-guide). This will give you the interactive experience to key in your stuff and it will automatically suggest the perfect storage size you need! How cool is that?

7. Insurance options as needed only

Unfortunately, there are storage companies that include insurance fees in their hidden charges. You must always be on the look of the breakdown of fees that you are going to pay. Luckily, there are still some who always aim in protecting the best interest of their customers just like with easyStorage.

We at easyStorage offer insurance services as needed only. We do not impose them on customers. We will give you the liberty to decide.

Again, do your research and compare on how companies are doing their approach with insurance services as this can be the surprising twist of the story.

8. Best customer service experience

As they always say, the first impression lasts, and so with the customer service experience. It would be a big impact on your decision if you experience the best customer service from the first time you do your inquiry up to the time you book a unit. When I say the best customer service experience, that should include respectful customer representatives, quick response to customer inquiries, and their availability whenever you need them. Companies should be firm in establishing the best customer service as this will create the best relationship with the customers.

We at easyStorage have provided three avenues for our customers to reach our team - via our website, email, and phone. This is to make sure that anyone can reach us anytime.

9. Online reviews and ratings

Looking for sources you can depend on while you are on the crossroad of which storage company you should go to? Check for the "genuine" online reviews and ratings. These are real-life experiences with no sugar coating that might help you come up with a logical decision. It would be a wise move if you do your research and compare customers' reviews and ratings.

10. Core brand values

More often than not, this the factor that customers forget to check. Core brand values are the beliefs that a company stands for. This serves as their guide on how they should function as a company. If you share the same belief, chances are, you will do the business with them. It’s like you have a common denominator which makes it easier for you to decide.

Our brand values in easyStorage guide us in giving the best service there is for our customers. More value for less; keeping it simple; honest, caring, and open are the principles that serve as a constant reminder for us on how we should treat our customers. Sometimes, company brand values make one company different and outstanding among any other, thus, you must check on how they live by their values.

So, as a first-time storage customer, these are the things you must consider before deciding which storage to rent. This can serve as your starting point in deciding which road you should take. This checklist can save you much time in randomly checking storage companies without a point of basis.

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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