Claire Thompson
February 12, 2023

Perfect the Art of Moving Home whilst Pregnant

Top tips for moving home whilst pregnant to keep things simple and not add any extra stress on you or your family!

You’re pregnant – congratulations.

Along with pregnancy come lifestyle changes and whilst many choose to stay put and make more space at home for baby, many choose to move.

So what can you, and what can’t, you do when it comes to moving whilst pregnant?

Sadly, there’s no simple answer, and speaking to your doctor is an essential first step before lifting a finger to move. For many there’s no problem – we all know mothers who make it look easy dealing with toddlers who need lifting and mixing the whole thing with work. In fact the right level of exercise, which varies per person, can be beneficial.

Factors that influence what you should and shouldn’t do include:

·         Existing state of health;

·         Strength of muscles before pregnancy;

·         Blood pressure;

·         Existing risk of delivering preterm.

Handling large and bulky items is out. The most common pregnancy injuries affect the same muscles and joints that we use when lifting and moving objects and can be painful and lasting.  Pregnancy produces increased levels of relaxin, the hormone that loosens ligaments ready for labour. This is great for childbirth, but means that with posture changes and extra pregnancy weight, you are more likely to hurt yourself. (Pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD), back strain and dislocated vertebrae, sacroiliac joint issues and carpal tunnel pain get regular mentions.) Note that relaxin is there even before the baby starts to ‘show’.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, pregnant women who are lifting for more than an hour a day (which you will be if moving), should avoid anything heavier than 18 pounds if they are less than 20 weeks, and 13 pounds if they are more than 20 weeks. That’s very little weight!

Birds Eye view of a pregnant woman looking at ultrasound baby images

Making life easier

Plan well – it will keep you sane and allow you to schedule time for packing and planning that fits well with you being pregnant. (if you are suffering from the dreaded ‘pregnancy brain’, it will also help make sure you don’t forget things.)

If you are getting pregnancy nausea, try and time packing etc avoiding the times you normally experience nausea:  whilst for many women this will mean avoiding early mornings, for others taking a break at lunchtime or early evening may be more useful. This stage of pregnancy can be exhausting, so allow extra time for tiredness.

Try not to not (over) exert yourself and do take regular breaks. Try not to wear yourself out by staying up late packing, and pass on the heavy lifting to someone else. Avoiding strains and pressures is easier if you plan well in advance. Avoiding standing too long also means avoiding swollen ankles and limbs which we are more prone to in pregnancy - and standing for long periods is inadvisable thanks to relaxin (see above!). Call in as much help as you can – before the move, on the day, and when it comes to unpacking.

There is no reason not to help pack the boxes – knowing what’s where can sometimes help alleviate stress.

Having a good declutter before moving can also be cathartic – even if you already have siblings for your expected arrival, life is about to change, and getting rid of things you don’t want or need can be soul-lifting as well as meaning you won’t have to move as much.

Make sure you stay well hydrated, remembering that moving things around can lift dust, and schedule in plenty of breaks for food. Scheduling the breaks will allow you to prepare properly and eat well rather than grabbing rubbish snacks which may increase your level of tiredness and isn’t great for baby.

And of course, if you have to move anything, make sure you lift properly, wear good steady shoes, and try to make sure you pack in smaller, easier to carry boxes.

Other considerations

·         Five tips for a quick and efficient move:

·         If you’re moving out of area, make sure you are registered with a new doctor and know how to get to the closest hospital – the NHS has guides to help you locate a new doctor in England , Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

·         Have any new baby furniture delivered to your new address rather than having to move it;

·         Depending on what stage your pregnancy is at, have your hospital bag ready, packed separately and kept with you;

·         Try to keep your sleep patterns regular;

·         Be extra careful on stairs, especially if nauseous or you have a large baby bump which shifts your centre of gravity;

·         Paints and detergents contain chemicals that can be harmful to you and your baby, so let other people handle these;

·         Consider a professional cleaning service to clean your existing home as you leave and the home you’re moving into;

·         If you are thinking of decorating a nursery in your new home, leave it to someone else, and particularly avoid exposure to paints during the first trimester of pregnancy;

·         The stress of relocation may increase the possibility of postnatal depression. Keep an eye on this and don’t be afraid to ask for help if the worst happens and your hormones give you the blues.

Pregnant couple man and woman sat on the floor laughing

easyStorage – here to help

easyStorage can help in all kinds of ways:

·         If you need packing materials, we can help with that: easyStorageBoxes; 

·         The easyStorage boxes blog has hints and tips on packing:;

·         If you need storage between leaving your old place and arriving at the new one, easyStorage offers good quality storage that comes in at around half the price of standard self storage;

·         For a move that’s not too far, in some areas easyStorage can offer to move you. Call 0800 061 4091 to speak to our storage specialists and see how we can help.

Claire Thompson

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