Daisy Santiago
April 10, 2020

What is Self-Storage Used for? Learning the Basics

In 1979, the first-ever self-storage facility in the UK was built in London. Fast forward, there are about 1,505 self-storage sites in the UK offering approximately 44.6 million square feet of space, according to a report from Self-Storage Association UK (SSA UK, 2019). The massive growth of the storage industry in the UK only signifies how they are booming and selling with the people. Also, self-storage is bringing immense convenience to people resulting in numerous storage companies being established in almost every corner of London. They are considered as life-saver during significant transitions in life as they come in handy whenever you need an extra space to store your things while taking the path towards the change that you’re aiming for.

Considering how big of an industry self-storage is right now and how far they’ve gone, let’s go back to the basics on what are the reasons why people are using self-storage.

Life transitions (downsizing to save money, divorce, retirement)

Change is the only permanent thing in the world and as a human being, we are living witnesses of how life changes as we grow. These changes may be challenging at first but the goal is always for the better. There are lots of transitions in life that need careful comprehension. Good thing, self-storage is designed to assist us with significant transitions in our lives.

Downsizing your house is one important decision to make, especially if you are considering your financial situation. House rents not meeting your means can be a serious issue leading you to decide to move out and find someplace that will suit your monthly income. Years pass by and the rent has been rocketing too high that most people end up acquiring houses that are small in size and things being crammed up. This is why self-storage can come in handy when people decide to downsize. A self-storage can help you provide extra space for your extra stuff. Say, for example, if you have furniture, appliances or even gardening tools that are no longer in use, you may always opt to rent a self-storage unit to store these items.

Divorce can also be a bumpy and unpleasant transition in life. Aside from the emotional wreck this can bring, it also forced couples to decide on who gets custody of the items. With marriages that last for years, expect that there will be valuables or properties that have grown large in numbers. It would not be a problem if there would be a harmonious agreement between two parties as it will not take too long for them to decide on who owns which. However, for most of the divorce situations, it would take months or years before it could be settled so it is highly advisable to put the valuables in a self-storage place until such a time that both parties have a mutual agreement.

Retirement is a much-deserved rest of every individual who’s been working for such a long time. During this stage, seniors must be living in places that daily tasks should be hassle-free to accomplish. At their age, everything must be done with less effort considering their physical capabilities. Besides, their houses must be low maintenance. Theil living should be simple and with less clutter as the goal is to live in relaxation and serenity. Thus, if you are a retiree, you may opt to store your valuables in a self-storage for you to achieve the goal of clutter-free living.


This may sound tedious at first but there are lots of available information that can help you have an easy and efficient way of decluttering. Many people nowadays are into decluttering, especially that minimalism and the Mari Kondo method are going on a trend. The positive effect it can bring to people makes it more popular, thus, the use of self-storage is considered the most effective solution in achieving the goal of decluttering. Self-storage can provide spaces where you can store your clutter that you don’t want to dispose of.

House selling

When you are planning to sell a house, you must ensure that the house looks pleasing and well-maintained. This is to make the house is highly marketable and to secure a sure customer. That’s why the best solution is to put away your belongings and store them in a self-storage for the meantime or until you’ve found a new place.

Business expansion and file storage

Self-storage is also a great partner in business expansion and storing files. If you’re a small business owner who’s just starting, you may use a self-storage to serve as a warehouse for your inventories instead of an actual warehouse that has a high cost and is not flexible when it comes to payment terms. You may also use self-storage to house important documents such as human resource-related documents, employee or company profiles, and tax-related paper works. Self-storage can give you the security and safety of these documents as sometimes digital copies are prone to cybersecurity hacks.

Whatever the reasons why people are using self-storage, it is evident how this innovation can provide so much convenience to people nowadays, hence, the rapid growth of the industry. And one of the established and cheapest self-storage companies in London that you may want to check on to prove how beneficial a self-storage is, is easyStorage. They are unlike the traditional storage company that you may come across nowadays as they offer a free van to pick up and return your items. Going the extra mile for their customers, isn't it? They also have a month-to-month payment plan which gives more flexibility to customers according to their financial capability. Safety and security are some of their goals, too. Thus, they ensure that your things are safe from the moment it’s been picked up, loaded in easyPods, and stored in their secured facilities. So, go ahead and give them a call whenever you are bound up in a situation that is calling for easySorage’s help! After all, they are designed to make our lives easier so why not maximise their purpose?

Daisy Santiago

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