Daisy Santiago
June 29, 2020

Traditional Storage Vs. easyStorage: Which One is Better

As Hassan Fathy once said, tradition is the social equivalent of personal habits. Habit, comfort zone, belief – these are just some of the words we can associate with the word "tradition." It is something that has been part of our lives that is so difficult to get rid of. Being open to innovation is hard for people who do not welcome the idea of getting out of their comfort zone. The hassle and inconvenience of learning new things are some of the reasons why people do not accept change. However, change is the only permanent thing in the world. We do not have a choice but to keep up with it. Else, we will be left behind.

Just like how the self-storage industry is evolving and growing rapidly. From the historical claim that it started in China way back 4,000 BC up to the first storage facility built in Central London in 1979, the storage industry has grown massively. As per the current statistics from the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK), approximately, there are now over 1,582 self-storage sites in the UK in which 381 of them are mostly container storage. Just imagine how fast the industry is expanding and so are its features and functionality.

Nowadays, storage facilities are way modernised. Most of them are now climate-controlled with individual unit door alarms and can be accessed by keypad or proximity card. Various types of storage facilities have been established as well, ever heard of mobile storage, portable storage, indoor storage, drive-up storage, etc?

Now, let’s narrow down our discussion with only two options, traditional storage vs. easyStorage. If you are not yet familiar with easyStorage, read on, as we compare those two in terms of cost efficiency, convenience, and safety.

Cost efficiency

As per the SSA UK Annual Industry Report 2019, the average rental cost of self-storage is £23.11 per square foot per year and that sums up to the bigger the space, the bigger the value. Imagine the amount of money you have to pay for rental fees and it’s fairly normal to look for a storage facility that can give you bigger value at a low cost.

Traditional Storage: With traditional storage, most of the work should be done by you, from packing, hiring a vehicle to move your things, loading and unloading them to the storage facility. You will also have to add to your budget the cost of petrol you need every time there’s a need for you to visit the facility. Try to think of tasks that you must complete plus the amount of money you have to pay for the rent, isn’t it exhausting, and the unsatisfying feeling that you are not getting the most of your money?

easyStorage: At easyStorage, our pricing starts at £18.50 only with guaranteed no hidden charges. Wait, there’s more! What if I tell you that out of that low cost, we will collect and return your things for free! You will no longer have to experience the hassle of looking for a moving company. We can also do the packing and inventory for you with minimal added cost. Moving and renting a storage company is no longer traditional, you can do them all with just one click away!


Both types of storage can surely offer you convenience but the question is which can give you the best customer experience when it comes to convenience.

Traditional Storage: They can provide the storage solution that you’re looking for but unfortunately, they cannot provide the ultimate customer service you are trying to aim. Aside from you doing the moving task, you need to add the unloading part to your action item. And if you need your things back, you will have to hire a moving company again or rent a van to pick up your things from the facility. Also, the time of access is controlled by rules and regulations of the facilities and may also require frequent trips to the facility since the units are immobile.

easyStorage: We will give you the convenience that you deserve. We will go to you, instead of you bringing your things to us. We will bring our easyPods at the comfort of your home, carefully load your items, and safely place them in our secure facilities. Booking a unit with us is no sweat, too! You can reach us via email at info@easystorage.com, call us at our hotline (0333 016 4341), or chat with one of our representatives. Estimating the amount of space you need is no hassle, too, as we have this interactive feature where you can key in the items you are planning to store, and in just one click, it will automatically suggest the unit size that fits your needs. Try using our Space Guide to experience this awesome service!

Safety and Security

This is one of the basic features that both types of storage can offer and this should be the first on your list. Safety is the ultimate requirement. Your valuables will be stored outside your houses and it is only normal that you are conscious when it comes to how storage companies are handling them. Well, maybe just like how much you want to take care of your valuables.

Traditional Storage: Typically use the traditional padlock, lockable by the renter. Also, some of them are naturally ventilated and not climate-controlled. But, they are also being monitored by CCTV 24/7 with gated access and extensive lighting. They can still offer you the basic security measures that every storage company must have.

easyStorage: At easyStorage, we value the safety of your belongings, from the time we pick them up from your houses to storing them in our facilities. Our easyPods are highly secured. That will assure you that your belongings are safe even during transit. We also have 24/7 CCTVs that will be used to monitor your units and gated access that can help avoid unfortunate events such as theft. Our facilities are all climate-controlled, adding safety and security to your things. Damage caused by climate or weather is our concern as our goal is - you store your things with us in good condition, you will get them from us in good condition, too! To learn more about the wonders that climate-controlled facilities can do you to your things, read the article, "Why should you consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit?"

Now that we’ve broken down the differences based on the factors we’ve discussed, the decision is now in your hands. There’s nothing wrong in sticking with the tradition but if cost-efficiency, convenience, and safety are something that you are looking for, then go ahead and book with easyStorage!

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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