Daisy Santiago
December 2, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Pick the Best Storage Company

Are you looking for a storage facility where you can store your stuff and possessions, but don't know where to start - whether it's for decluttering, redesigning, moving or a student keeping things only for semestral breaks? I've been there, and I know the struggle, that's why I prepare a friendly and ultimate guide for you to pick the best storage company.

1. Cost of storing

Of course, this factor is always on top of the list. We still want the cheapest when choosing a product or a service. Who would want to spend more when we can spend less. Consider, first, the cost of storing. Which storage company offers the best and cheapest storage plan? We do not want to spend so much if there is someone out there willing to provide the service we are looking for at an affordable price. We always want to spend less and save more - especially if we plan to store long-term.

2. Location of the storage facility

Another concern is the location of the storage facility. It is efficient and helpful if you choose a storage unit nearest to your home. You don't want to travel back and forth between your home and the storage unit spending so much time, effort, gas, and tires, especially if you plan to visit your stuff frequently. Time is gold. Don't waste your time on long travels.

3. Accessibility

It is best to choose a storage facility that operates 24 hours a day and six to seven days a week. Why? Because we do not know what tomorrow may bring. What if something arises and you need to get hold of your document, book or stuff that is secured in a storage unit. You can't afford to wait overnight or over the weekend just to get your stuff --- this only prolongs the agony.

4. Safety and security features

Peace of mind --- everybody wants it. So if you are looking for a place to store your stuff, but do not want to worry, choose a storage company with the best safety and security features. These may include locks, CCTV, remote 24-hour monitoring, motion and vibration sensors, and fire and burglar alarms as well as trained security personnel. Best is if their systems are connected to frontline departments such as police and fire.

5. Insurance options

If you want additional protection for your possessions while in storage, then choose a storage company that offers insurance options. This will protect your stuff in case of untoward events such as theft, fire or water damage. But make sure that the company won't force you to avail of an insurance policy, if you don't want to, in signing a storage contract. You don't want something that is being forced. You want options, right?

6. Reviews and ratings

Are you looking for a storage company to handle your belongings? Check the reviews and ratings. Nothing beats the first-hand testimony from a satisfied (or angry) customer. Online reviews and ratings will help you determine whether or not a storage company is excellent in providing the service.

7. Storage facility's environment and control features

Another important consideration is the storage facility's environment and control features. Always check for storage companies with climate-controlled facilities --- most especially if you are living in a place that experiences extreme temperatures. Climate-controlled facilities ensure protection against heal and cold temperatures as well as humidity. This feature is very important if you are storing stuff mostly prone to weather-related damage.

8. Size variation of storage units

Make sure that the storage company you choose offers a variety of storage unit sizes. You don't want to pay for a 70 sq. ft. unit if your items can fit in a 35 sq. ft. space. On the other hand, you don't want to rent 3 units of 35 sq. ft. size just to make room for your belongings fit in a 105 sq. ft. room --- especially if the units have lock and PIN security feature. You don't want to carry a number of keys all the time or remember a couple of PINs if you have so many things to keep in mind.

9. Discounts and special promotions

Check for storage companies that offer long-term or prepaid storage plans. Avail promos and discounts --- this will help you spend less on storing your extra stuff.

10. Friendly and responsive customer service and storage staff

Customers will always choose a friendly environment --- one where they will feel at home, where every question asked has an answer, and where their time is valued by providing a quick response.

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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