November 3, 2023

The Introduction to Mobile Self Storage

This is your ultimate Introduction to mobile self storage services that are a game changer for customers who want to make their lives easier.

Mobile self storage is a total game changer for stashing your stuff without lugging it yourself. This on-demand service brings the storage to you, delivering a unit right to your door. There’s plenty of myths and talk about mobile self storage services without facts so we are here to tell you exactly what you need to know.

Here at easyStorage, we offer a top-notch mobile storage service to save you time and money compared to old-school/traditional options. We'll drop off a storage pod or multiple if you wish directly to your door. Then our team transports your goods to one of our ultra-secure storage sites until you need them again.

Couple in a traditional container storage unit moving their boxes on a trolley

Mobile storage takes away the headache of bringing your stuff to a storage facility yourself. As housing costs and city living expand, mobile storage gives people flexible solutions.

How Mobile Storage Works 

There are a few things that you need to consider about mobile storage and how it works. These are the important bits to consider as they may increase prices or suitability depending on what kind of mobile storage solution you are actually looking for.

Storage unit Delivery

Mobile storage begins with the storage company bringing a storage unit/s to you on your ideal drop-off date. No need to waste precious time driving back and forth to some storage facility. Some mobile storage companies may offer free delivery within a certain radius however others may charge you so make sure you have a look at the T&Cs.


Services often range when it comes to packing up a mobile storage unit. Some companies will leave the storage unit for you to do the heavy lifting, or others like easyStorage offer a range of services. We can either offer a full range of packing services, including bringing our own boxes and packing material or if you would rather pack yourself, we can simply assist in loading all your furniture and boxes into the storage units/s you’ve booked. We also prefer to save our customers money, so if you only fill up one storage unit but you ordered two just in case, then you will receive a full refund.

Customer and easyStorage staff member packing boxes

Storage Service

In most mobile storage services they will then transport your unit back to a warehouse or storage facility. A couple of things to consider at this stage of the journey is whether all the storage is indoor (not every company has indoor storage or weatherproof units) and what kind of security measures are in place. 

With easyStorage once your pod is all loaded up, your local expert easyStorage team transports it to one of our secure storage sites. We ensure your belongings stay safe until you need them back. Our facilities are 100% indoor storage, have 24/7 CCTV and limited public access.


Customers often assume they will need access a lot more than they actually will, however, if you do need regular access then mobile storage may not be perfect for you. This is because some companies may not provide any access at all or it may be not as readily available due to warehouse locations that may not be as easily accessible to the public or have access 24/7. If like us, mobile storage companies do provide access some notice may be needed to book in your access, this is because mobile storage units can be stacked on top of one another finding and getting your unit accessible may not be super simple. However, the benefit of this is that the savings made in storage warehouse space by the company mean that your storage price is likely to be cheaper.

easyStorage staff securing storage unit

Benefits of Mobile Self Storage


One of the biggest perks of mobile storage is avoiding the hassle of renting trucks and transporting items yourself. The storage pod comes right to your home or business for packing and unpacking at your convenience. No wasted time driving across town to a storage facility! It's so much easier to pack up your belongings and put them into storage right from your own driveway or parking area.


Mobile storage offers flexible scheduling and access. Choose delivery and pick-up dates/times that fit your personal schedule. The storage company works around your availability. Accessing your stored items may have some restrictions but usually, you can book an access appointment with a couple of days' notice.

easyStorage pod packed with furniture and easyStorage boxes

Time Savings

By handling transportation and loading/unloading for you, mobile storage saves you significant time compared to traditional self storage options where you have to do it all yourself. No renting a vehicle, driving to the facility, manoeuvring things into the unit, and repeating the process all over to get your items back out! All that loading and unloading time really adds up. With mobile storage, you can reclaim your weekends and free up hours in your busy schedule by letting the service handle logistics.

Cost Effective

Mobile storage is often more budget-friendly than traditional units because you only pay for the space you actually need. There's no risk of overpaying for unused capacity in a fixed self storage unit. Also, avoiding truck rental fees and fuel costs keeps more cash in your wallet. Take advantage of the savings and invest that money into your move or renovation project instead!

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