Nick Mennear
February 26, 2020

The easyStorage Perfect Timeline for Moving into Your New House

“Your offer has been accepted! It’s time to prepare to move into your new house!” The joyous words WE all want to hear when your out-house hunting. And now it all begins.

The weeks ahead require expert organisational skills! Before you can pick up the keys to your new home, a lot needs to happen in a short space of time.

To support you in this, we have compiled a moving timeline to make sure you’ll all sorted for the big day.

Start getting planning as early as possible. Moving and packing will take up more time than you think! Now is the time to save yourself a hassle. The more you do now, the easier your life will be on the day. Here are some easyStorage steps to follow in the moving/packing timeline:

8 Weeks before Moving

• Make a detailed inventory of all possessions in your house

• Start sorting your possessions into what you’re taking with you and what you’re going to get rid of.

• Plan for packing your belongings and if you want to do this or get help. If you choose to do this, make sure you allow plenty of time.

• Start researching the move and all the logistics. Begin planning the move by thinking if you need to have your items in storage if there is a gap between leaving and moving into the new house.

• If you’re planning to move yourself, make sure you book a van in advance

6 Weeks before Moving

• Moving day will come quicker than Lewis Hamilton tearing down Silverstone! Now is the time to make sure you have all your moving/packing materials. Order this in bulk and in advance to help save money.

4 Weeks Before Moving

• Notify your local council that you are moving.  Inform them of the date that you plan to move and where to forward any correspondence such as your council tax bill.

• Notify your employer, building society, bank and creditors.

• Ask your doctor/dentist for recommendations of clinics near to your new location.

• Contact companies that cover your gas, electricity, water, telephone and cable services and arrange the end or transfer of accounts from your old to new address. Ask them to prepare the final bill for you if need be.

• Notify your children’s schools, family clubs, activity groups, and any other such organisations of your change of address and relative contact details.

2 Weeks Before Moving

• Arrange any servicing that may be required for your appliances at both your current and new address.

• Plan new and alternative routes to and from your new home and destinations such as work, schools, etc.

• Return borrowed things from neighbours and collect things you have loaned.

• Remove flammables and high-risk substances such as petrol, bleach and cleaning fluids, and pressurised containers and aerosol cans.

• If moving your TV aerial or satellite dish, then decide to have it taken down.

• Determine which items you will be needing close to hand on the day; Important documentation, keys, the list of names and telephone numbers, etc. and set them aside in an easy to remember area.

• Organise any professional or dry-cleaning services for fabrics and other such items as rugs and curtains. Keeping them in protective bags for the duration of your move.

• Begin to use up your frozen food supply.

• Drain the fuel from lawn mowers and other power equipment from the garden.

• If you do have your items in storage this would be the ideal date to confirm the re-delivery or end of term.

1 Day Before Moving

• Pack a box of essentials that will be required when you arrive- Light tools, cleaning supplies, bathroom items, refuge and recycling sacks, disposable plates and cups, kettle, tea, sugar, milk and snacks. Enough to survive for at least 24 hours.

• Make sure all packing is done.  Be sure your refrigerator has fully defrosted and is clean and dry.

Moving Day!

• Moving days can seem daunting for some. If you’ve followed all the steps, you should be somewhere between Zen calm and cucumber cool!

• Lock all windows and doors and turn off all switches. Exchange keys and say bye to your old home and the neighbours.

We know how exciting and sometimes challenging house moves can be. We spend a lot of our time helping with homeowners when waiting for completion or sells to go through. If you are in limbo and need storage, then do reach out.  With our trained removal team we can have your items stored, returned and ready at the new house.

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Nick Mennear

Nick is a storage consultant at easyStorage. He engages daily with customers across the U.K tackling all their storage questions, consulting and advising the best solutions when possible. Its here his best placed to get insights and be able to put them from spoken into the written word. Ask him any storage questions or miscellaneous topics, just not cats.

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