Claire Thompson
April 28, 2021

Ten Signs that you need a self storage unit – now!

The ten point, tongue in cheek but serious, easyStorage guide to the signs you need self storage – urgently!

The Ten easyStorage signs that you need a storage unit urgently…

1. You have to Climb to Get to parts of the Garage.

There are piles of suitcases (when was the last time we got to use one of those on a regular basis?), stored furniture, old trunks of children’s toys, Christmas decorations, seasonal lights and more in that garage, making it hard to access the tins of paint or washer dryer that are may be lurking somewhere at the back of the garage. Far be it for most of us ever to use the garage as intended. (For cars, in case the rot really has set in!)

Time to store some of those belongings before you reach the point where you need a Sherpa to climb over it?

2. There’s no Space in the Wardrobe

It’s a common problem, especially between seasons. Clothes take up room, but there’s nowhere else to put them, even if they won’t be used for another six months.

Time to sort them out and put things away safely for the coming year – and storage will keep them safe and dry (and even returned like a present next season by a cheerful easyStorage van if you choose to use us, of course).

PS We recently blogged about how to put your things away safely for the winter. You may find it useful if this scenario resounds with you.

3. Someone in the House has More Shoes than Imelda Marcos

We all know someone who has shoes for every occasion and every season. They genuinely cannot all be worn at once, and sandals in the rain and boots on the beach are, for the most part, not ideal (although we do note that the vagaries of the English weather can always catch us out).

Shoes dumped on top of each other or left in rows on the floor gather dust and sometimes little hairy inmates of the eight legged variety!

Having dozens, even hundreds, of pairs of unused shoes lying around unused is a clear indicator that you could be making a better, less dusty, lifestyle choice by popping them (properly) into storage.

4. The Entire Family Has Come Home to Stay

There’s nothing will take up space faster than the kids coming back from University because lessons have stopped; family moving in because of loneliness or lost jobs; or marriages and relationships that couldn’t withstand the extra pressures of COVID-imposed living conditions.

To accommodate more, storage is your friend, helping declutter to make space for the new (temporary?) arrivals.

5. The Crafter in the Family is Busy Elsewhere

It’s a fact of life, even though I shall be unpopular for saying it, that crafters often craft in waves. Even the most avid of crafters has times when they have neither time, money or inclination because life gets in the way.

Most crafters, however, will refuse point blank to part with their carefully curated collections of foraged glitter, stones, papers, cards, wires and stickers.

Time to call the storage mob to put these treasures away, temporarily, until the sparkle comes back.

6. Someone’s Home from Hospital

Our NHS does a marvellous job, and often our loved ones can be returned to us sooner than we ever anticipated. Whilst the average tonsillectomy will see the patient up and around, albeit carefully, almost immediately, many will need special sleeping arrangements, space for plaster casts, even special beds or beds made up downstairs, and oxygen tanks.

This creates enormous upheaval in a home, with reorganisation needed to accommodate the needs of the patient,

Storage can be there at just the right moment to help move things out and make the necessary space.

7. You’re Building an Extension

With extra pressure on homes, an extension seems like a great idea. Until the first brick falls and there’s dust and rubble everywhere.

You will, I promise, be grateful to have got as many possessions out of the way as possible, to avoid dust and damage. You can’t get to it for large parts of the time anyway.

Spreading them around the house into bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchen  - even the cat’s carry box – is unlikely to bring peace and tranquillity into your life.

Call for self-storage. Really. It’s cheaper than you think and can be factored into costs as the workers will almost certainly get the job done a whole lot quicker by having a clear run at it and not having to move things themselves.

Saving your furniture, carpets, nerves AND time, maybe even money, has to be a win.

8. You’re Redecorating

However much people swear not to get paint anywhere except the walls, Murphy’s Law dictates that there will be as much on the painter as the painted. Sometimes more.

Wallpaper benches need a lot of space and a clear run at walls if the glue, if not the paper, is to stay off the wallpaperer and where it should be.

Just preparing, rubbing down and filling woods and surfaces, creates more mess than a toddler’s tea party.

Give yourself, and your furniture, a break and pop it into self storage. You’ll be glad you did.

9. The Sport’s Season Just Ended

Gone are the days of a pair of shorts and a coloured band. Today’s footballer’s have several pairs of boots, home kits, away kits, and maybe even need to take a turn at storing the team’s ball supply when the shed’s full and closed up.

In my own home, expensive football boots and kits would be ironed, pressed and put away (only to emerge too small at the start of a new season).

Our kayaks would be left out of the winter with their plastics rotting, and a hockey goalie’s bag took up half a boy’s bedroom.

All of this could have been safely put away in storage giving me space for this season’s current sport. Highly recommended.

10. You’re Asked to Work from Home

The best thing you can do if asked to work from home, for more than the odd day on the kitchen table, is reorganise and create yourself a work area.

To do this you need to create space, and some of the things you’ve been using regularly until now will have to be moved out of the way.

Having that space is key to your sanity and to creating a healthy divide between work time and leisure time.

Call for storage! Putting those extra things away whilst working out what your real requirements are could be just the sanity saver needed.


If you’ve got this far down, I can hear the ‘but’ already: storage costs money. True, it does. But nowhere near as much as you think. You can get an idea how much with a no-obligation quote (and even booking) from easyStorage, online, any time, day or night:

Claire Thompson

Claire joined the easyStorage family as a blogger in August 2020 and is loving it! Her passions include writing and learning, and with easyStorage she’s learning new things fast. When not tapping at a keyboard she can be found renovating an old cottage, despite having inherited a complete lack of DIY skills from her father. She has two children, now grown up, and a dopey, loving Vizler (dog), Chester, who steadfastly refuses to do the same. She claims he’s her soulmate!

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