Daisy Santiago
January 13, 2020

Storage 101: 11 Things to Know Before Renting a Storage Unit

Whether you're moving from one city to another, freeing up some space to make room for more important and frequently-used items, or culling the clutter, renting a storage unit makes the task a lot easier. The only important question you need to answer is, "Which storage company should I choose?"

If you are a first-time storage customer, you might not know the main considerations you need to scrutinise before choosing a storage unit to rent. Here, we prepare a guide to help you start making a "logical decision" regarding your storage needs.

1. Location

Of course, the first thing you need to consider is the location of the storage facility, its proximity to your home or workplace - especially if you are to visit your unit frequently.

Hint: Save up your spending on petrol by choosing storage units near your place. Guess what? It can also help you save your precious time and end energy. Remember, time is gold. And gold is money.

2. Affordability

Storage costs can be high. Look for the storage company with the cheapest unit prices. Because of the perfect competition in the self storage industry, operators also tend to be competitive in assigning their unit prices --- usually lower compared to the years when there were only a few big players in the industry. Do your homework. Start the research and make a price comparison. You'll get a shock of your life once you see how much you could save if you search and compare.

3. Discounts and Promos

Who doesn't want discounts? Maximise your opportunity to cut your storage cost by availing of discounts and special promotions. Make a list of storage companies you consider and check for the offers they have --- usually available on their websites.

4. Amenities

If you are storing items that need extra care and protection from extreme temperatures and humidity, check for climate- and humidity-controlled storage units. These features prevent your items from being damaged because of moisture, mildews, and moulds.

Remember: Climate-controlled facilities may cost more than the standard storage unit, but the additional cost is worthwhile to ensure your items are being properly taken care of against extreme heat and cold.

5. Accessibility

Another important consideration is the accessibility of the facility. Are they open after office hours or when it’s most convenient for you? Can they accommodate you when you suddenly decide on visiting your items? Check whether they are open on weekends or during holidays. Some facilities grant 24/7 access to storage. Some require advance notice so they can schedule staff to assist you on your visit. Others are open even after standard work hours to cater to customers who might visit their belongings after work.

Hint: You have a lot of options out there. You just have to make a little bit of research and ask some questions to find out which storage company can best provide your storing needs.

6. Safety and Security

Know the safety and security features of the storage facility before signing a contract. Choose one with top-of-the-line safety and security. Check for the presence of perimeter fences/gates, and rounding security personnel. Inquire whether the facility is protected with 24/7 CCTVs or surveillance cameras, individual door alarms and locks, and fire safety such as fire alarms, extinguishers, sprinklers, and detectors.

Don't commit the mistake of storing your most prized possessions in a facility with compromising security.

7. Insurance Options

Find out which storage company has insurance options --- the one which will allow you to decide whether you need insurance for your stored items or not. Some storage companies require their customers to avail of insurance plans before signing a contract ---  no insurance, no storage unit. However, there are some storage companies out there that are more considerate of the needs of their customers. They let their customers decide whether to get insurance, depending on how valuable the items they plan to store.

8. Unit Size Variation

So yeah, it is important to know the unit size options of the storage company you are planning to choose. No one wants to pay for space he wouldn't use and no one wants the hassle of maintaining several storage units just to make room for the many items he plans to store when the facility only offers small storage units.

Also, it is important to know the unit size options --- especially if you are an "extreme" customer. By extreme I mean, one who will get the smallest possible size he can get away with or one who will get the biggest possible unit to store bulky items like bikes, furniture, appliances, etc.

Hint: A good storage company should have a range of storage unit sizes. This is to provide customers' different storing needs.

9. Customer Service

Are there company representatives you can reach or talk to if you have some questions? How fast they respond to your inquiries? This is an important consideration to know how the company values its customers.

Do the representatives have friendly and pleasant personalities? Are they treating you with respect? Are they available outside operating hours, on weekends or during holidays when you have ample time to check on your belongings?

Hint: Make sure the storage company you will choose knows how to value your time since you give value to their service.

10. Online Reviews and Ratings

Visit their websites and check for online ratings and reviews. Take time to read what other customers have to say regarding the kind of service the storage company provided. Are they happy or not? It's more likely you get the same outcome.

11. Customer Loyalty Program

Check for the company's customer loyalty rewards. It's how they give importance to their customers. You'll see how the storage company recognizes and rewards its customers who avail of its storage service repeatedly. It's how they will take care of you, too, as their customer.

Daisy Santiago

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