Daisy Santiago
April 27, 2020

Small Businesses You Can Run with easyStorage

With the rapid growth of the self-storage industry in London, a lot of business owners have been considering its benefits. Self-storage can help save thousands compared to renting a commercial property to get the business going as the flexibility in payment terms is one of the great features of self-storage. Starting up a small business requires comprehensive planning and being a newbie, you must consider the efficiency with every executed plan and ensure that every penny spent is worth its value. Being a small business that you are, it is only wise to establish it according to your means.

Self-storage is the best storage solution to consider for a short-term plan, especially if you are just starting your business. Once you make it big, then it’s time to go ahead and consider a wider space such as big warehouses. Aim for that bigger dream! But for now, let's focus on self-storage as your aid in running your small business.

easyStorage is the cheapest self-storage you can find in London. Perfect to cater to small businesses! Our price starts at only £18.50 per week. Proven to be 50% cheaper than any other storage you can find in the city. Business owners can rest assured that prices will never increase. What’s more amazing is that we have no hidden charges! While we can greatly help you in jumpstarting your business, you have to first check with us which scenarios we can only allow in our facilities to avoid any inconvenience.

Now, let me give you an idea on which small businesses can rely on easyStorage for storage solutions.

E-commerce business

With everyone having access to the internet nowadays, there's no wonder why e-commerce is one of the businesses that everybody can venture into. Requirements are very feasible. As long you have a laptop or a desktop, a good wifi connection, great marketing skills, and a self-storage where you can load up your goods, then you’re all set!

Now, doing the business with easyStorage, we have a free van for collection and return of items which is perfect for a business like e-commerce. You will no longer have to allocate a budget in moving your goods to a storage facility as easyStorage will do that for you for free! Isn’t it such a great help in saving your funds? Online bookselling is one perfect example of an e-commerce business. easyStorage can help you maintain the quality of your books as we have climate-controlled facilities. This will prevent your books from getting any moulds or weather-related damage.

That's just one example! Keep on reading to figure out and learn more.

Retail stores

easyStorage can come in handy for those retail stores who are just starting up. A self-storage unit can serve as their offsite storage room.

Pro tip: You may opt to choose a self-storage that is near your store for easy access whenever you need to manage your stocks and inventories. If you are into a fashion retail store, easyStorage can provide you perfect spaces to store your clothing, leaving more spaces for your customers in your store. Self-storage is also perfect for housing items that are not yet in season.

Tech startup business

If you are tech-savvy and you want to turn this interest into building up a company or business, then tech startup is the perfect venture for you. easyStorage can lend a hand in managing this business as our facilities are ideal to store tech products that are considered sensitive and need to be well-maintained. One perfect example of a tech startup business you can run with self-storage is a computer repair, maintenance, and supplies. People with a technical background and have an expert understanding of computers and their functions may consider taking this as their source of income. Self-storage can safely keep your tech items such as hard drives, monitors, laptops, or any computer-related items. easyStorage has high-security facilities that will keep your products away from theft or any unfortunate events. We all know how expensive these items can be, thus, security should be on top of your list if you want to go in this type of business.

Musicians, bands, and music-related businesses

If you are going to consider this kind of business, you have to make sure you have storage available for your expensive musical instruments. Instead of cramming your own homes to store these instruments, easyStorage can provide you spaces that will suit your needs. We have standard storage unit sizes that you can choose from that can house all your musical instruments. You may also opt to put a small desk dedicated to your admin works.

Small businesses can greatly benefit from using a self-storage unit for storage solutions. Whether you experience some lowlights in running the business, you can still afford in keeping easyStorage as your partner as we are drastically cheaper than a warehouse or a commercial space. With all the other promising offers that a self-storage has, there’s no reason not to take the chance in partnering with us. easyStorage will be there for you every step of the way and we’ll be more than glad to be part of your humble beginnings.

Daisy Santiago

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