Daisy Santiago
April 23, 2020

Self-Storage: Digging Through the Pros and Cons

Renting a self-storage unit seems to be "in" in London nowadays. Many are now choosing to rent a self-storage to house "unused" or "less frequently used" items to free up some space in an apartment. It's undoubtedly more practical than renting a bigger apartment to make room for more stuff.

If you are someone who is still undecided about renting a storage unit for your stuff, read on and let's dig deeper into the pros and cons of renting a self-storage unit. Will it make your life easier? Will it be a burden rather than a solution? Let’s find out.

Pros of Self-storage: Ideas that will make you say yes!

I bet this is the side of the argument that we wish to dominate over the other. Of course, we would like to have more advantages to make it easier for us to decide which is which. Now, let me give you a list of why self-storage could be the best decision you could ever make in case you need extra space.

Pricing is way too cheaper

There are situations where self-storage has proven itself to be more cost-effective. Say, for example, you are a budding entrepreneur who needs an extra space to store your inventories, self-storage is a better decision to go instead of renting a warehouse which clearly will cost you more money. With self-storage, small businesses won’t be tied up in longer contracts as they have more flexible payment terms. Another example is if you are currently living in a small apartment and your things cannot fit anymore, chances are you’d be thinking to get a larger apartment but surely, the cost will be an important consideration. Self-storage will be more cost-effective if you choose to store your few pieces to free up more space in your apartment, rather than allowing yourself to have an additional burden of paying higher rents, especially if you don’t have the means to have one.

Assurance in security

With self-storage, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe and secure. Most of the self-storage companies nowadays are being monitored by CCTVs 24/7. Their facilities are also protected with alarm systems and security fences. Plus, there are rounding security personnel who are always making sure that customers' items are safe from any attacks, from theft or any unfortunate events.

Limited storage solution

This is the very reason why self-storage exists --- to provide solutions in a limited space dilemma. They can come in handy whenever you are bound up in a situation where you will be needing extra space to store your things.

Flexible payment terms

This is one of the advantages you can enjoy with self-storage. There’s no commitment in longer contracts as most of them are into a month-to-month basis payment. There are no complicated requirements if you want to terminate your contract, downsize your storage unit, or upgrade for a larger one.

Climate-controlled facilities

This is the feature that self-storage facilities can boast of. This advanced technology feature can protect your valuable against moulds, rust, leaks, or any weather-related damages.

Cons of Self-storage: Ideas that will make you think again

This could be the game-changer when it comes to getting that self-storage unit. Consumers should also be aware of the disadvantages to help us get the most of our hard-earned money. There would be situations where you can still work on the available space you have and renting a self-storage would not be the best solution for the meantime, especially if it concerns your financial status.

No 24/7 access

Most of the storage companies don’t have the 24/7 operating hours which is a bit of a hassle whenever you need to get something from your unit. This can get worse if you are needing that item for some emergency reason.

Inadequate security

Let’s admit that there are still some self-storage companies that are lacking high-tech security systems. For example, CCTV operates at limited hours only. Some don’t even have personnel in charge available 24/7.

Too far from home

There are cases when the nearest self-storage facility can still be considered far from where you live. It’s very inconvenient, especially if you don't own a car. Also, transportation costs can be high.

Insurance not covering all items

Some items are beyond the coverage of the insurance that self-storage offers. It would be better if you can get this sorted out with them to avoid any disagreements in the future.

Storage fees on top of rent

Storage fees can make the cost way too high on top of the monthly rent. Fees such as deposit fees, security deposits, or even upfront rental, if added up together can sometimes discourage a customer to rent a unit as they tend to think of it as more of a burden rather than a solution.

These pros and cons can help you make a "wise" decision. Which path you should be taking? We must always know both sides of the situation for us to come up with a wise judgment.

However, if you can come across a self-storage company that would tick every box of your pros list, then that would be like winning a search.

Try checking out easyStorage.com. From the name itself, everything can be easy with them! But the bottom line is as a customer, you still have the very right to weigh things according to which will work best for you!

Daisy Santiago

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