Daisy Santiago
June 30, 2020

Self-Storage: A Modern Warehouse for Your Small Business

Starting up a small business today is much convenient and feasible. Advanced technologies and innovations make everything easier. From everything digital, you can easily obtain something with just one click.

With the help of modernisation, setting up a small business is more attainable. Of course, through the aid of available resources around us. And speaking of resources, let’s take a look at how the self-storage industry is serving as a modern warehouse and is becoming a reliable partner with the budding entrepreneurs.

With the fast-rising of the self-storage industry today, a lot of businessmen are considering storage units as the most cost-effective storage solutions. From small retail businesses up to home-based online business selling, self-storage is their go-to resource when it comes to warehouse needs. Self-storage is ideal for starting businesses because it is more flexible in terms of payment. Most storage companies offer a month-to-month basis of contract, which is more favorable with small businesses. It gives liberty to business owners to decide how long they will be renting a self-storage. For small businesses, a warehouse or an actual commercial property is mostly out from the option as this will cost them much and is beyond their financial capacity.

We, at easyStorage, understand the humble beginnings of small businesses, thus, we offer services that will benefit them at a low cost. All of our facilities are climate-controlled. This type of facility will not limit you to store anything just as long as the items are non-perishable and non-hazardous. Storage units that are climate-controlled type can maintain the temperature inside regardless of the weather outside, thus, assuring you that your inventories or products will be safe against damages that are caused by moulds, rust, or any weather-related problems. Also, a free van for collection and return of items is included in every storage plan, giving you less burden in moving your items to your secure purpose-built storage unit.

Now, let’s discuss what type of items you can store in our facilities and which small businesses can rely on us for storage.

Warehouse for Fashion Retail Businesses

Fashion retail is just one of the small businesses that can benefit from self-storage as most of the commercial spaces business owners are renting don’t have enough storage areas for their seasonal fashion clothes, inventories, and product displays.

Below are the common items you can store with us if you have a fashion retail business.

• Seasonal clothes

• Outdated clothes for clearance sale

• Mannequins

• Clothes rack

• Hangers

• Important inventory documents

Warehouse for Electronic Businesses

easyStorage facilities are ideal for electronic items since all the units are climate-controlled. Items related to the electronic business are expensive, thus, no business owner can afford to have them damaged.

Electronic items you can store with us are listed below, especially if you are into a computer repair business.

• Computer monitors

• Computer hardware

• Tool kits

• Laptops and computers lined up for repair

• Physical copy of manuals

Warehouse for Homebased Online Selling Businesses

Homebased online selling is popular nowadays. It can have an informal office set up at home, especially if you are the only employee. And since it's online, transactions don’t have to be face-to-face. However, if the business is growing, it can occupy a big space in the house. To prevent that from happening, you can rent a self-storage unit to house your products and inventories.

Below are items you can sell online that self-storage can be of help with.

• Toys and video games

• Books and second-hand books

• Clothing, jewelry, shoes

• Electronic items

• Cameras and photos

There are lots of small businesses that can turn self-storage into a warehouse considering the amazing benefits that this industry can offer. You no longer have to put your dream of having your own business aside just because of a storage dilemma. Self-storage is one great resource you can use to make your dream a reality. We, at easyStorage, would gladly be of help in providing you the best storage solution.

Daisy Santiago

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