Daisy Santiago
May 8, 2020

Self-Storage 101: Learning the Basics

Learning is part of survival. All of us are curious. Every innovation made is, at first, not known to everybody. We go through the process of learning its functionality. Just like how everybody is not familiar with self-storage during its early days. Little did we know, it is one of the best storage solutions invented and a wish granted to solve every man’s storage dilemma.

Now, if you are a newbie in learning how self-storage works, what you should be looking for is just the basics and not those overwhelming and complicated procedures. We don’t want to cram our brains with all those innumerable information we can find on the web. It would be easier to understand and learn by starting with step number 1. This is where we should all begin. And speaking of the basics, you’ve come to the right article as I am here to provide you the fundamentals of how self-storage works. Nothing fancy, no more no less, just the plain and simple things that you should know.

Step 1: Make an inventory of items for storage

Before renting a storage unit, you must have an inventory of the things that you are planning to store, so you can have a rough estimate of the size of the storage you need. Inventory can also be a reliable reference to keep track of the number and type of items that are stored in a self-storage. This can also be of great help in monitoring if there’s something missed during pick up and can serve as a reference, too, if you are planning to pull out your valuables and end your contract. We at easyStorage offer service of creating your inventory if you don’t have the liberty to do so, but please note that this would be an additional charge. Thus, we only offer this service if needed, otherwise, you are free to do your own to avoid the additional cost.

Step 2: Choose your unit

Since you already have the list of things for storage, now, you can move on to the next step which is choosing the right self-storage unit for you. At easyStorage.com, we offer an interactive experience of choosing the ideal storage size for you. Just simply key in the type of items you have, along with its quantity, and it will automatically suggest the right storage size for you. Our storage standard size comes in 35 sq. ft., 70 sq. ft., and 105 sq. ft. that you can choose from. You may also opt to speak with one of our representatives to provide more detailed information on our services. If you are very keen to details, please feel free to visit our facilities to give you an actual idea of how big our self-storage units are.

Our storage units are all climate-controlled, thus, you can have an assurance that you can store items including the most delicate one --- I mean, those items that are susceptible to weather-related damages such as books, wooden furniture, and electronics.

Step 3: Payment

Now that you’ve finally decided on the perfect storage size you needed at the location of your choice, it’s time to book the unit! easyStorage offers three ways on how to settle your payment. You may call our hotline to speak with one of our representatives, you may email us for pricing quotation so you can have a clear grasp of how much it will cost you so you can plan your finances, and lastly, you may book online as it will only take few clicks away to get that ideal storage unit that suits you. Easy, isn't it?

For whichever storage plan you choose, it is inclusive of a free van for collection and return of items. Each storage plan also comes with a limited insurance plan and you have the option to purchase an additional insurance package during the time of booking. We are 50% cheaper than any other storage company in London as our pricing starts at £18.50 only with guaranteed no hidden charges. What more amazing is our price never increases giving you the serenity that we will not charge you more than what we’ve agreed upon. With all these generous services, you will not regret choosing easyStorage!

Step 4: Time to move

For the last step, since you’ve already booked a unit and made your payment, it’s time to move your things! We all know how moving things can be stressful as finding a moving company or hiring a vehicle to do the moving yourself. It can be a hassle. We at easyStorage would like to lift off that burden and we are more glad to do that for you! Collection and return of your items are included in the storage plan, therefore, you have less to do as soon as we step in at your door to pick up your things. We will load them up in our secured easyPods and will store them in our safe purpose-built facility. Loading services can have a few charges, but it can still be lessened if you choose to give a little help.

See how easy it can be in renting a self-storage if you will just follow those simple steps? Everything will come easy and hassle-free if we will stick with the basic instruction. Self-storage has been a beneficial storage solution for everybody and renting one should never be complicated. It will only take you a few steps in enjoying the incredible benefits that self-storage can bring!

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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