February 17, 2023

Round the World Trips: The One Thing They Won't Tell You

easyStorage takes a look at one part of a Round the World Trip that the textbooks don’t mention: what to do with the things you can’t take with you.

Lonely Planet. Trailfinders. Even Google. All will give you masses of amazing information on planning your Round the World Trip, from ‘must see’ places to see to ‘must see’ places to stay, and even places to avoid..

What they can’t sort out for you is what you’re leaving behind.

Whether you’re backpacking or taking the trip in luxury, a student taking a year out, a family planning the educational trip of a lifetime or World Schooling, or a retiree taking advantage of freedom and good health, you’ll be leaving something behind.

One is people, and only you can leave things as you want them on that front. The other is belongings. Because unless you have a shipping firm that’s going to collect and deliver to every stop (and accompanying deep pockets), you’ll want to leave things behind. (My own backpacking was done with a single trusted lightweight backpack that turned into a lookalike suitcase when checking into nicer hotels – backpacks are sometimes frowned upon!)

Woman laughing as she tries to lie on and close an overpacked suitcase

Here are three ways that easyStorage can help take the ‘at home’ worry away:

1.       Somewhere to store your things safely

If you don’t have your own home, packing up and setting off is easier than leaving your home empty and/or having to work out what to do with it, although rental terms are always a consideration.

But if mum and dad, or flatmates, are enjoying having the space you left when you left home, or are looking forward to the extra space; if friends and family don’t have the space to take in all your belongings;  or if you just don’t have someone to impose on with your belongings, you may want to simply use a storage option.

Like you, easyStorage is prepared to break with the ‘norm’ and, with its very different way of working*, can store your things for around half the price of standard self-storage, and even collect and return your goods. 

There are ways to get in touch at the bottom of this article, and storage specialists are on hand to help you decide what you need and where, as well as giving you prices. (Many of them are very well travelled as well.)

2.       Back up for letting out your property

No, easyStorage hasn’t suddenly become a letting agent (all though we do work with many of them).

But easyStorage CAN help you get ready to let. 

Self storage service with a difference* can help you both to declutter and to put all of your personal items somewhere safe by offering clean, dry and secure storage space at around half the price of traditional self storage.

Maps, flags, tickets and photos to plan a trip

3.       Somewhere to keep things safe when you’ve sold

If you are selling up to fund your trip, you’ll still need some things when you return. Keep or sell? That has to be up to you, but a few considerations include:

·         Although the second hand market in the UK is buoyant it takes time and money to re-buy all of the things you gave up. You can always sell later, but buying back will be very unlikely;

·         You may well come back broke. (If you haven’t emptied your wallet, you really haven’t seen everything you could have - or are, of course, an exceptional human being!) Having belongings here will keep your options open when you return;

·         Selling things may give you a little extra cash toward your travels;

·         There are things you either can’t or won’t sell because of their emotional value;

·         After a long time away, familiar objects can be comforting;

·         There is a cost to storing things properly – although probably nowhere as expensive as you think.

·         Storing things in attics and garages may mean you come back to a nasty surprise: mould

In truth, most people who sell up to go around the World for any extended period of time reach a halfway deal, getting rid of the things they don’t like and have no attachment to (very cathartic), and keeping the rest.

Find out more about storage

You can get a no-obligation quote, 24/7, from the easyStorage online booking service, which even has a handy calculator to work out how much space you would need.

Or you can call one of our expert storage specialists on 0800 061 4091 to discuss your options.

Oh, and Bon voyage, as they say the other side of La Manche!


*See article: The easyStorage Difference https://www.easystorage.com/blog/the-easystorage-difference

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