Daisy Santiago
April 17, 2020

Maximising Your Small Studio Apartment with easyStorage

Renting a studio type apartment is one way of managing your budget wisely. A small space means you have to spend a small portion of your income for your humble abode. Reality speaking, if you don't have that great financial capability to rent a bigger space, then you have to be practical by getting a space that will suit your budget. However, on the other hand, expect that there will be challenges in living in a studio apartment – limited space, difficulty in organising your things, and maximising the space you can afford. The bottom line, this will be a struggle between living within your means and comfort. But, worry no more! There's a solution! There are ways to still live comfortably while maintaining the budget.

And speaking of ways, easyStorage, a low-cost and reliable storage company in London, is one resource that you can consider when it comes to maximising your small studio apartment. You might be thinking, isn't renting a self-storage unit an additional cost? Will this be a practical decision? Let me enlighten you by reading below the easy ways on how to maximise your space through the help of a self-storage and some tricks and tips from your creative mind.

Creative clutter

When you hear the word clutter, it may have a negative impression, but surprisingly, clutter can be an aesthetic aid as well. If you have old vintage stuff such as old cameras, vinyl records, and pretty storage baskets, you can turn them into a stylish décor. You can put them in as additional decoration to your plain and boring bookshelf and add a touch of classic vintage vibe on it. And for the rest of the clutter that you don't want to dispose of and can be used as décor in the future, you may collate them in a box and store them with easyStorage. easyStorage has available standard unit sizes fit for your every need. If you have a few clutter that you would want to store, you may opt to choose their smallest unit which is a 35 sq. ft. storage.

Amplify the use of natural light

Natural light can do wonders in maximising your small space. It can give you open and airy space. You may also opt to use white-colored furniture and decors which gives a more spacious vibe in one area of an apartment, say the dining room. Another creative technique is to purchase partitions that allow the natural light in, such as hanging planters, bookshelf or plants. You may put them between your living room and the bedroom. This will give you a mirage of different rooms in your small studio apartment. If you have old pieces of furniture not suitable for maximising space, those with colors that set a stuffy mood or extra couches that may be eliminated to free up more area, you may opt to store them with easyStorage. Their facilities are climate-controlled that will surely save your valuables from any weather-related damage. The good thing about this as well is that if you decide to revamp your interior, you may pull out those extra pieces of furniture and rearrange them to give your space a fresh look.

Trendy and tall

Using tall furniture such as trendy shelves as storage space can also be a great help in expanding your limited space. This type of furniture can be multipurpose as this can hold a big portion of your stuff. It can also serve as your personal office space. But expect that there will be things that will not fit in shelves like this. For example, if you have a massive amount of books, ceramic decor, photo frames, and old family heirlooms, where are you going to keep them? Situations like this, easyStorage can come in handy, as you may store those extra decors or books with them. I bet most of those extra kinds of stuff may have a sentimental value that you don't want to dispose of, so, why not store them for the meantime with easyStorage? They will handle your valuables with care, from the time they pick them up at your doorstep up to the moment they store them in their safe and secure facilities. What's more amazing is they do the moving for free as they provide a free van to collect and return your things! Isn't that an awesome treat?

Keep it in order and organised

Given that you already have a small space, the key technique to not be stressed about the limited space is to keep your things in order and organised. If you will keep it neat and tidy, you can still be in focus in maximising your space. Regular decluttering is one way to keep your things well-arranged. In reality, you cannot eliminate the clutter, but you can at least lessen them. Clutter that will be found every time you try to organise the house can be categorised according to their use. You may sort them as for keeping, for relocation, for disposal, or for donation. The items falling in the "for relocation" category can be housed in a self-storage facility like the easyStorage.

The open closet idea

One of the cons of having a studio type apartment is the lack of closet space. One hack you may consider is to set up an open closet. You may use stylish cabinets, shoe rack or hanger racks to organise your shoes, clothes, and bags. Make sure to always keep them neat and tidy so it will still give you the aesthetic pleasure you deserve. Since you have limited closet space, expect that not all of your clothes and shoes will fit into them, especially the seasonal clothes. One example is your winter outfits. They are thick and baggy and will surely occupy much space in your closet. You may opt to store your seasonal clothes with easyStorage. Even the clothes that you no longer use but don't want to dispose of. easyStorage will keep them in good quality and free from damage just like how you take good care of them. You can pull your things out anytime you wish or depending on how the season calls for it.

There are lots of creative ideas out there to help you expand the potentials of the limited space you have. Small space doesn't have to limit you from living comfortably as there are resources and available assistance that will help you maximise your studio apartment. One friendly neighbour you can ask for assistance is easyStorage! They can definitely be a great solution during a period of transition such as remodeling your house. They have several branches available and one might be near your area so accessibility will never be a problem. Rest assured that your belongings are safe with easyStorage as they have premium security and their facilities are monitored 24/7 by a CCTV and rounding personnel. Plus, you're the only one who has access to your storage unit, making it more secure. What's more amazing is that they have a month-to-month basis of payment which will give you more liberty on how long you would like to rent a storage unit.

See how easy and breezy easyStorage can help you in maximising your small studio apartment. Their service plus your creativity can go hand in hand to help you achieve the goal of living comfortably even with a narrow space.

Daisy Santiago

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