Daisy Santiago
April 27, 2020

Making Self-Storage E.A.S.Y. with easyStorage

Easy is probably one of the most loved adjectives in the world when it comes to dealing with any service or product. It can be associated with the words convenient, hassle-free, and effortless which are the benefits that attract customers the most. Every business aims to have a good first impression and the good first impression that lasts. Just like here at easyStorage.

We also aim to have a good or positive first impression. Just by hearing our company name, making everything EASY as 1,2, and 3. We are part of the easy family of brands and we take pride in our brand values. More value for less! Taking on the big boys, keeping it simple, honest, open, caring, and fun! Being guided by these values, providing the best customer service is super easy for easyStorage. We aim for having an easy approach when it comes to getting the self-storage you are wishing for without paying for too much.

Decide for yourself as I give you a unique meaning for the word "easy" from easyStorage and why everything can be convenient with us.

E for Economical

easyStorage will give you the highest quality service that every customer deserves without the need to pay for too much. Isn't that economical for storage customers like you? We are known for being the cheapest self-storage in London and proven to be 50% cheaper than any other storage company you can find in the city.

Also, being honest and open is part of easyStorage brand values. Thus, we are very transparent when it comes to charges. We will only charge you for the services you opt to avail of. There are no hidden fees. Of course, surprises on bill charges are the last thing any customer would want to experience. This can potentially leave a negative impression on the business. But don't worry! A negative impression is also the last thing easyStorage would want. Thus, we will guarantee you a less hassle self-storage experience and a stress-free cost on it.

A for Accessible

easyStorage has established branches in various parts of the city and one must be near you. Thus, accessibility will never be a problem. Finding the nearest branch is one click away as you can always check our website (easystorage.com) for you to decide which branch is good for you.

We are also helpful when it comes to moving your stuff as we have a free van to collect and return your items. Unlike the traditional self-storage that requires customers to look for a moving company to do transporting jobs.

It would be practical to always choose a branch near you to save time and transportation costs when you are planning to visit or get items from your storage unit frequently.

S for Space Provider

This is the essence of why easyStorage was established --- to provide helpful space for people who need them. There are moments in our lives where we need to consider resources around us to help us get through such situations that’s why self-storage nowadays is considered a life-saver and a solution provider. Business owners are now considering self-storage as their warehouse and homeowners have been renting storage units to house few items instead of upgrading into large apartments and homes. easyStorage has a range of standard storage unit sizes that can cater to different customer needs.

Y for Yes to Self-Storage

Self-storage can have an impression of being somewhat an indulgence rather than a solution but with easyStorage, we can give you a different meaning to it. Self-storage needs not to be expensive as we can be cost-effective, too. If you’ve been meaning to remodel your home for a long time now but you’re being hesitant to do so due to space concerns, then why not consider getting a self-storage? Don’t let your plans be put in vain! Take the chance of renting a self-storage and see how this can help you with your needs.

Another good thing about self-storage is that terminating a contract doesn't need to be complicated and most of the storage companies have a month-to-month basis of payment, just like here at easyStorage, so it’s more flexible to decide on how long you would like to rent a unit.

Wanting to have the best self-storage experience? That's EASY! Choose easyStorage.

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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