Daisy Santiago
January 9, 2020

How To Pack For Self Storage: 6 Tips To Help You Save On Cost

Do you have too much stuff and feel suffocated at the comfort of your home? Did you buy a lot of items you wish to keep but can't fit in your apartment? Here's the easiest solution if you don't want to get rid of those items permanently --- rent a storage unit. It will house the items you seldom need or use - safe and secure.

But I guess there's another question lingering in your mind --- can I afford to rent a storage unit? Rental costs can be high if you choose the "wrong" storage company. Also, it will be more costly if you just put everything in a unit without planning --- no boxing, no organisation. Imagine throwing your everyday stuff inside your bag. It will take up a lot of space.

To help you save your hard-earned money and cut your storage costs, we prepared a list of tips you can follow to pack your stuff effectively.

1. Use boxes, bins or box containers

Use uniformly sized boxes, bins or box containers in packing/packaging your stuff. They help in utilising storage unit space and in preventing damage on your items. Boxes can be stacked vertically, from the ground to ceiling --- making the most of the vertical space in your storage unit. It sure can give you a lot of extra room to store other things.

Hint: Fill each box to its maximum capacity to cut down on the number of boxes you will need. Label each clearly for easy tracking.

2. Disassemble large items

Large items like furniture and appliances can be bulky if stored as-is. It can take up so much space. If you plan on storing your big dining table to free up some space in your dining room, make sure to disassemble it and put it in the box where it was packed when you bought it. Or if you have already thrown the box, buy or reuse another box where the pieces can fit it. There are a lot of packing/packaging items available out there. Some storage companies also offer packing items. For example, at easyStorage, we also provide a selection of packing items.

3. Fill in empty containers or bags

If you are going to store empty containers and bags/suitcases - which may take up space in your storage unit - you might as well use them in packing other items such as clothes, books, bottles, etc. Maximise your storage unit by filling in hollow spaces.

4. Pack the same items together

Save up some space in your storage unit by packing like items together. Usually, like items have the same size --- width, length, and height. Putting them together creates uniformity and will maximise space in each box/container. Don't pack air. Imagine packing books and bottles together. There will be spaces left unfilled. If you are packing bottles, then put as many bottles as the box or container can hold and add padding or wrapping sheets/newspapers in-betweens for care and cushion. You can also use old clothes for padding.

5. Use pallets or pods for large items

If you are storing big dismantled items like bikes and furniture, the best and efficient packing strategy is to use pallets or pods. This is for protection and organization. Imagine storing a disassembled bike with tires and cranks on the surface of your storage unit. If you use pods or pallets, you can stack them and use them as reliable bases for other boxes that you can pile vertically.

6. Avoid using plastic for packing

Using plastic for packing can trap humidity and moisture, especially if you are storing long-term. This could lead to mildew and moulds that may damage your stuff in the long run. Don't incur extra costs on unintentionally damaging your belongings when packed wrong.

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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