Daisy Santiago
April 8, 2020

How to Organise Your easyStorage Unit

Making the most of a self-storage unit is considered a lifeline during periods of transition in life --- moving to a new house, remodelling an apartment, selling an old home or even expanding and growing a business. We cannot deny the convenience a self-storage can bring when we are planning a big change in our lives.

Considering the big help self-storage can do to us, why don't we maximise the convenience by putting in order all the items we store in them? It's pleasing to the eyes and less stressful when searching for the items we need.

With easyStorage purpose-built facilities, organising your items can be as easy as you can imagine. No storage size is too small if you learn how to maximise the space and one way to do that is to keep them nice and orderly!

Here, let me give you pro tips on how to organise your stored items and have a hassle-free way of accessing them just like a walk in the park.

Keep an inventory

When planning to store your items in a self-storage unit, make a before and after list. Create an inventory before you pack them and after you load them in the storage. This way, you can have a comparison and will be able to determine if you forget to store a single item. Inventory will be a big help in keeping everything in the record. This is also useful once you decide to end your contract and pull out the stuff you stored. Your inventory will function as your reference to check if something is missing.

With easyStorage, missing valuables will never be a problem as their facilities have tight and premium security. From the time they load your items in their easyPods up to storing them in their facilities, they will make sure everything is secured and you will be the only one who will be granted access to your storage unit.

Secure labels

Labelling your boxes is also a must if you want to keep your things organised in a self-storage unit. This will make "searching" much easier. Instead of lifting all the stacked boxes and arranging them back again, you can just open the box with the correct label. You can simply write in big bold letters the name of items inside a box. Or use clear plastic bins for a much easier and clearer view of what's inside the box, but this is a more expensive option. You can use a mix of cardboard boxes and plastic bins. Whichever works for you!

easyStorage can also help you in storing your items in boxes efficiently as they offer packing materials and packing services.

Provide a space in the middle

Do you want to make your life easier? Leave a space in the middle of your storage unit for you to walk in. Instead of pulling out things that come your way and returning them to their designated places, leave and ensure a clear path. Believe me, you will not regret not using up all the spaces you have. You will reap the benefits sooner or later. Just leave a narrow path that pretty much fits you and allows you to move conveniently.

Frequent items in front

This will help you in planning which should stay in front and which should be placed at the farthest part of the storage unit. And of course, for convenience purposes, you have to decide which among your items will be used more frequently than others so you can strategically place them in your storage unit. For example, if you are into golf and you do it during Sundays, you may opt to place your golf clubs at the front for easy access.

Let's go vertical

easyStorage units take advantage of storing high. True enough, this is an efficient way of organising your self-storage unit. You can stack your boxes high and furniture stored upright. Make sure to put heavy items at the bottom to avoid damaging other delicate items. Also, ensure that the stack of boxes is balanced to prevent future damages. If you have furniture that can be disassembled, it's advisable to do so to free up more space. If you have shelves to store as well, make use of the spaces it provides. Maximising the space upwards can provide an orderly view of your belongings, plus, you can be amazed by how much space it can provide even if you are using the smallest storage size easyStorage offers.

Draw a map of your storage unit

This can pretty much give you a top view of your storage unit and how the items are stored inside. This can also serve as a reference for the easy tracking of your items. You can draw it in the simplest way you can as long as you understand the areas designated for each item. You don't have to create a blueprint-like drawing and make things complicated as the only goal here is to make things easy and to keep the items organised.

Did you know that easyStorage can help you in organising your things in a storage unit even if you don't have a booking yet? Yes! That's how easy you can deal with them! Check out easyStorage.com and have an interactive experience of how you can stack your things inside a storage unit. They have this feature on their website where you can key in the type of items you are planning to store along with their quantity and it will automatically calculate the storage size fit to house your things. How cool is that? Through this, you can pretty much have an idea of how much you can store without cramming everything in, and also, for easy organisation of your valuables.

Organising your easyStorage unit is an additional responsibility that you must do to serve you with ease and comfort. Booking a self-storage must not end in just paying for the monthly fees. You have to go the extra mile to maximise the money you will spend on it.

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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