Daisy Santiago
May 23, 2020

How to Keep Your Seasonal Clothes in a Self-Storage Properly

There’s a long list of items that can be kept in a self-storage which made this industry the most cost-effective storage solution there is and your seasonal clothing is just one of them. Clothes come in different sizes and materials and some of them can be sensitive to the changing climate that may cause damage. Let’s admit that not all of us have been blessed with enough space in our closets to store clothes that are not yet in time to be worn. We can free up more space in our closets and avoid looking it disorganised through finding available storage solutions around us. Self-storage can provide you more than just the space you need. You thought you might be throwing money on something that isn't a necessity but self-storage can maintain the quality of your seasonal clothes, protect them against any temperature-related damages, and more importantly, achieve a peaceful and stress-free living with an organised closet.

easyStorage is perfect in storing seasonal clothes as our secured facilities are climate-controlled which will assure you that they are protected throughout the year at a low cost. We are known as the cheapest storage company in London, thus, advanced storage units like ours can be rented at a low cost. Now, to protect your seasonal clothes, let me give you helpful tips on how you can prepare them properly before storing them with us so they are still fresh and clean by the time you’ll be needing them.

Wash your clothes prior

Ensure that all of your seasonal clothes are washed properly before putting them in your storage box. Unwashed clothes can attract possible damages. These are what we are trying to avoid. Plus, for sanitary purposes it’s a better idea to keep them clean. A damp or sweaty shirt can cause moulds. Food stains that have been stuck on some of our clothes can attract rodents or pests. Before packing them up, please ensure that they are all well-dried.

If you are going to store shoes, it's better to keep them clean, too. You may use alcohol-free disinfectant wipes in removing all the dirt on your shoes. For your leather shoes, you may clean them with shoe polish and allow them to dry up first before placing them in your storage box.

Use plastic bins as a storage box

Plastic bins with lids are the ideal storage box for clothes as they are well-sealed. Plus, they mostly come in clear containers, thus, allowing you to easily identify what’s inside. It is ideal to keep them in clear containers and put them at the front of your storage unit for easy access by the time the season asks you to use them. With easyStorage’s climate-controlled facilities, you will never worry about the moisture that might build up inside these plastic bins as this type of storage unit can maintain the temperature inside regardless of the temperature outside. But if you will opt to rent a non-climate-controlled storage unit, you can use an acid-free paper to line the bottoms, sides, and top of the container to prevent moisture.

It would also be helpful if you will add labels outside the plastic bins for easy identification. For your shoes, if you happen to have their original boxes, you may keep them there, otherwise, you can purchase plastic bins to serve as their storage box.

But at easyStorage, you will never have to worry about which storage box you can use as our climate-controlled facilities will do the protection. The bottom line is you have to provide appropriate storage boxes that will fit your clothing properly.

Purchase a portable wardrobe

If in case you have clothes that need to be stored hanging up, you may use a portable wardrobe. A wardrobe like this is convenient to use as it can be easily moved or transferred. Otherwise, you may install a spring-tension rod inside your storage unit so you can hang up your clothes using a garment bag as well.

Do not vacuum-seal your clothing

You may think that vacuum sealing can save you more space in your storage unit but think again as this will only creased and wrinkled your clothes especially if you are planning to store them for a long time. This will also speed up the process of deterioration as natural fibers need air to maintain its structure and quality.

Keep an inventory

An inventory will greatly help in keeping track of the clothes you kept in your storage unit. This way, you can easily identify if all your seasonal clothes have been returned to your closet by the time you need them. If in case you think you might be missing something, an inventory will come in handy.

You’ve spent money on these clothing, thus, it is fair enough to take care of them and find a storage facility that will surely take good care of them the same way as you do. The above tips will help you gear up in keeping your clothing safe even if they are out of your sight. Our easyStorage representatives can help you choose the ideal storage size unit for your seasonal clothing along with any other stuff that you are planning to keep outside your home. So, give us a call, write us an email or check our website (easyStorage.com) and we will be more than glad to assist you!

Daisy Santiago

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