Daisy Santiago
April 18, 2020

How can self-storage help you in managing unwanted gifts?

Receiving gifts can be the most wonderful thing for someone. We often receive gifts during special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, baby showers, anniversaries, graduation and sometimes even without any occasion. Gifts are always part of celebrations and it’s one way of expressing love, gratitude or friendship towards a person. It’s also a way of strengthening relationships and celebrating important life transitions.

For every celebration, we normally receive items that people find useful. Sometimes, people who know us very well give gifts that match our personality. People who exert effort in thinking of and giving presents to us make us feel more appreciated and grateful. Some people can be generous in gift-giving that we end up getting too many of them even in just one single occasion and that is not a bad thing. We should feel lucky.

When a celebration is over, the common scenario is a bunch of gifts waiting to be opened and wouldn't agree? That is the most exciting part! Opening presents thrills us. We are just too excited to know what's inside a box or a gift bag. If most of these gifts are those that we can use immediately or something that we can use every day, well, that is good news! We will not end up stacking these new things up.

Unfortunately, among the gifts we receive are those that fall into the category of “unwanted gifts.” Sounds a bad impression huh? But unwanted gifts don’t necessarily mean you are not being grateful. Of course, we are always grateful for the presents we receive. Why not? These are things that our friends and loved ones have spent their time and money with. However, there will be moments that the presents we receive are not practical for us to use in our everyday routine.

According to a survey conducted by Finder.com with 2,009 British adults as respondents, clothing and accessories topped the list of most unwanted gifts (25.03%), followed by cosmetics and fragrances (17.63%), household items (11.49%), food and/or drink (8.07%), literature (7.47%) and music (6.47%), and technology (5.24%) comes the least. Turns out that items under music and technology are most likely to be liked by the Brits.

Pro Tip: You can use this information when planning to buy gifts in the future.

So, how can self-storage help you in managing unwanted gifts? Read about the top three things British people do with their unwanted or unused gifts. This is according to the study conducted by Finders.com.

1. Keep them (23.20%)

More Brits politely keep the gifts even if they don’t want them or will never use them. Maybe the reason why clothes and accessories topped the list of unwanted gifts is that most of these gifts probably don’t match the receiver's size or style. If you are someone who is sentimental about gifts or you simply don’t have the heart to throw them or giving them away, you will surely keep them and will end up with stacks of clothes and a massive amount of accessories. If you are still undecided, you can collate all those clothes and accessories, put them in a box and store them in a self-storage for the meantime. Self-storage companies such as easyStorage can provide helpful assistance in managing your unwanted gifts. easyStorage can offer you a storage unit that can serve as an extension of your closet. Storing these unwanted gifts with easyStorage will free up more space. Pricing will never be a burden since easyStorage has the lowest storage cost in London starting from £18.50 per week.

2. Regift (22.50%)

Instead of keeping them, some people decide to regift them to others. At this point, you may still not have the list of people to whom you can give these gifts so you might as well store them in a self-storage to free up some space and to maintain the gifts' quality. Why so? Because most storage facilities are now climate-controlled, just like easyStorage's safe and secure facility. Since you will be regifting them, it is important to keep them in good condition.

Household items and literature also made it to the top unwanted gifts and these types of items are perfect to store with easyStorage. Some examples of household items that you can house in a storage facility for the meantime are appliances, blankets, linens, bed frames, cooking utensils, couches, etc. Sometimes, there are household items that just don’t suit your style. And some are high in maintenance. And the best solution you can think of is piling them up in your kitchen cabinets or closets.

Common examples of literature gifts are books and magazines. If you are a bookworm, most probably, you will receive gifts like these. But what if you don’t love books that much? They will surely end up being all covered up with dust. Books and magazines accumulating dust? That's bad news! Don’t wait for these items to clutter up your home. Instead, preserve them while you're still undecided to whom you'd gift them next. Looking for a place to store these books and magazines while preserving their quality? Well, look no more! easyStorage has perfect standard storage units for you! You will no longer have to cram them up in your house. You just have to choose the right storage size. You may check easyStorage.com and find their Space Guide. This Space Guide will help you in virtually estimating the storage size you might be needing. This feature is really useful since you will know upfront how much money you will need to spend on storage rent. But of course, with easyStorage, the rent fairly compensates the space provided.

3.   Donate (21.87%)

Some British people opt to donate those unwanted gifts instead of throwing them or regifting them. People who want to give back or spread love always go this path whenever they have the resource to do so. They sometimes choose to collect the items for donation and store them in a self-storage facility since they do not want their houses to be filled with clutter while waiting for the right time to donate the items.

Unwanted gifts are not a bad thing. They still represent appreciation, thought, and love. Even if you will not be able to use these unwanted gifts, you can still cherish the thought that a person has taken the extra time, money, and effort to give you something special. Don't feel guilty for not using them. Keep them with easyStorage until you decide what's the next best thing to do with them.

Daisy Santiago

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