Daisy Santiago
April 2, 2020

How can easyStorage help you in managing your collections?

Stamps, comic books, collector’s item toys, antique furniture, vinyl records, coins and currencies, etc. Do they ring a bell? Of course. They are the most collected items. Others look at them as "just a thing" but for people who love collecting, they are considered treasures. So, what are the reasons why people collect and even spend money and time doing so?

According to “The Intelligent Collector” by James L. Halperin, the most common reasons why people collect things include:

• Knowledge and learning

• Relaxation and stress reduction

• Personal pleasure (appreciation of beauty and pride of ownership)

• Social interaction with fellow collectors

• Competitive challenge

• Recognition by fellow collectors and non-collectors

• Altruism

• The desire to control, possess and bring order to a small (or a massive) part of the world

• Nostalgia and/or a connection to history

• Accumulation and diversification of wealth

Whatever the reason behind a person’s desire to collect, we know for a fact that they are aware of how quickly those collections can grow. It would be very fortunate if collectors already have designated rooms or spaces in their homes to accommodate their growing collections. They may house their collections in a free room, garage, basement or sometimes attics. But are those places safe?

As a collector, you should know how valuable your collections are. Would you dare putting them in the places I just mentioned? Doing so may jeopardize your collections' quality? Think of the years you spent in collecting them and the amount of effort you’ve put just to own those rare finds. I think it is fair enough to have them placed in spaces that will ensure their safety and preserve their quality.

Have you ever considered putting them in a storage unit? Yes! A storage unit! You can rent a unit to house your growing collection. But please, make sure to rent the best one. By best I mean the storage facility with premium security and is climate-controlled, and of course, the cheapest in the city. Find the best and the cheapest storage facility if you wish on preserving the quality of your precious collections.

One of the best storage facilities established in London, one that that I highly suggest, is easyStorage. I'll give you awesome reasons why you should entrust your collections with them. Read on as I bet these are the requirements you might be looking for in a storage facility!

easyStorage lives up to their brand values

From the name per se, you will have the first impression that they will make everything easy and convenient for you. Well, that's right! They live up to their brand values of keeping it simple and more value for less! You’ll never regret partnering with easyStorage as they will definitely give you an extraordinary service but for a low cost.

easyStorage has reliable facilities

easyStorage has guaranteed top of the notch facilities that will ensure the quality of your collections. Their storage units are climate-controlled and will surely keep your valuables free from moulds, leaks or any weather-related damages. I bet this must be the top priority when looking for extra space to house your collections.

Budget-friendly pricing and no hidden charges

easyStorage is known for being generous when it comes to their pricing. They have no hidden charges as they only offer services only if you need them. If you need additional insurance to ensure the protection of your valuables, you may talk about it with their personnel, have the assurance that they will not impose it to you nor surprisingly add it to your contract. Another good thing about easyStorage is that they offer a free van for collection and return of items, unlike traditional self-storage companies. You will no longer have to take the burden of thinking how to move your collections as the easyStorage team will happily do it for you! They will handle this with care just how you care about your collections.

easyStorage has premium security

easyStorage facilities are monitored and protected by a CCTV system 24/7. Also, there are rounding security personnel always ready to check and maintain the safety of the facility.

Putting your collections in storage facilities doesn’t mean they have less importance. They are equally important, however, we should also consider being practical here. Preserving their quality means preserving the history they hold. It would be nice and purposeful if you can pass your collections up to the next generation. Your basement, attic or garage just won't do the preservation work for you. Also, let’s face the reality here. I bet you have your favourites among your collections. You may opt to keep your favourites at the comfort of your own home and store the remaining items in a climate-controlled storage unit. With that, consider easyStorage as part of your team and let them do the quality preservation work for you!

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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