Daisy Santiago
December 16, 2019

FREE Checklist: How To Plan Your Home Moving

Whether you're a first-time mover or not, you'll be overwhelmed by the many preparations you have to do to make your moving process a success. You don't want to miss or leave anything important, be it a piece of information or an item. I know you also want to save your time, money, and effort in every step you have to take to complete your move.

Here, we prepare a guide that you can follow to get ready for your home moving.

1. Get a notebook where you can list your "moving reminders and essentials"

To stay on track, get a notebook or a binder where you can write down everything, from reminders, to-do lists, budgets, schedules, and quotes to contact details --- chances of forgetting something important will be minimised.

2. Estimate your moving budget

Are you going to hire a moving company? Are you planning to rent a storage unit? Do you want to purchase moving insurance? What are the packing materials you need? You should determine your budget for every service and process, so you can search for an alternative solution if you think that your moving budget is not enough.

3. Make a schedule

Make a schedule or a timeframe that you should follow in sorting and packing your things, in moving, and in unpacking. Don't be a victim of, "There's plenty of time left." Save yourself from the hassle of cramming. Also, if you have a schedule, you can easily ask your family and friends to "save the date" so they can give you a hand on your busy day.

4. Book a moving company/storage facility in advance

If you decide to hire a moving company and to store your items away in a storage facility, make the booking in advance. Why? Because it is usually cheaper to book earlier than to book on or the day before your scheduled move. Also, moving and storage companies give discounts and special promotions for early birds.

5. Prepare your packing materials

Of course, you will do this yourself. Unless you hire a moving or storage company that will do everything for you --- from providing the packing materials, packing, loading, and delivering to unloading.

Make sure to have the following materials:

a. Regular boxes usually made of sturdy corrugated cardboard - to ensure that the items to be placed inside are well-protected; to prevent fragile items from getting broken or damaged.

b. Special boxes like dish barrels, wardrobe boxes, and flat-frame boxes.

c. Brown packing tapes and heavy-duty tape guns - to make taping and cutting more comfortable and faster.

d. Packing papers - to wrap and protect almost everything. If you need extra protection for fragile items and you forgot the bubble wrap, just crumple packing papers and voila --- instant padding.

e. Bubble wrap - to be used for wrapping extremely fragile items.

f. Permanent markers - to label every box for easy tracking.

g. Box cutters or scissors

6. Sort your things

Go through your stuff. I know it will need extra time and effort, but it is essential to sort and separate the things you will be using. Get rid of the extra stuff and clutter. Sell. Donate. Throw away. Get rid of the things you won't be using anymore. Don't let them take a space in your moving boxes, in the moving truck, or your storage unit.

7. Make an inventory

It doesn't have to be complicated. Just make a list of the items you pack and their designated boxes.

8. Update mailing address and transfer utilities

Before leaving your old home and moving to your new residence, make sure to update your mailing address and transfer/arrange utilities such as electricity, water, and gas. You don't want your mails or packages to be sent to your old address, right? Especially if these are urgent matters. Also, it is difficult to go around your new home without water or electricity. How are you going to see your things if you arrived late at night? How can you wash your hands? How are you going to prepare your first meals? You can't always opt for instant meals or fast food. That is just not healthy and practical. Decide which is cheaper --- transferring utilities to your new address or arranging for new subscriptions. Also, don't forget about TV and internet services before you move. 

9. Ask your family and friends for help

Maximise your circles. Ask your family and friends to help you with the sorting and packing, and if they are free on your big day, ask them to be with you all the way. Two is always better than one --- especially if there's a lot of work to do and you need workforce. You will surely save some of your money, time, and energy.

10.  Have an overlapping schedule

If possible, get access to your new home/apartment even before you permanently leave the old one. This will allow you to do pre-moving preparations. It will also save you from the hassle and stress of an overnight move.

11. Visit your new residence before moving in and install security systems if possible

Include in your schedule a day to visit your new home. This is important so you can estimate the travel time, see what is lacking in your new place, clean the surroundings, and install security systems for safety. Don't do everything on the big day. That is just so complicated and tiring.

12. Label boxes to unpack quickly and easily

It is wise to label every box you use for packing to help you track your items easily. You don't want to dig in every box and go through all your items if you are just looking for a kitchen knife safely stored in the "KITCHEN" box.

13. Consume the consumables and perishables

To avoid transporting food (those fruits, veggies, and meats you are saving in your fridge) that can get messy along the way, finish them up before the big day. Wow! What a way to save money and space!

14. Save your essentials for last

Pack less-frequently used items first. Also, when packing, but those that you won't be using anytime sooner at the bottom so you won't have to dig in through your box to find something more essential.

For basic needs like toothbrush, soap, skincare, towels, and some plates and utensils, pack them last so you won't have to unpack and pack every time you need them.

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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