Daisy Santiago
March 11, 2020

easyStorage: Your Friendly Neighbourhood

Nope. Not only Spiderman can be a friendly neighbourhood. Even storage companies can be as friendly as you can imagine and that should be the goal --- to be in service for everyone who needs it. London is a big city and there are lots of storage companies that can be found here. Thus, too many options to choose from. Finding a great one is like finding a loyal friend for the rest of your life. And it’s the same familiar feeling when I found out about easyStorage.

easyStorage will make things easier for you with regards to storage services. They offer lots of great services that make them generous and enough for you to consider them as one of the friendliest storage companies in the neighbourhood. You probably are now curious why I think of them as a friend. Here, let me show you the facts about easyStorage being friendly.

No-frills approach to pricing

Honest, open, caring, and fun --- these are the brand values they carry and when they say it, they really mean it. They have no hidden charges. Of course, as customers, we all know that hidden charges can sometimes cause trust issues. Real friends don’t lie and that’s why easyStorage is very transparent when it comes to their pricing. They offer you services that are “as needed only” basis and will not enforce you to avail it. For example, if you will be needing people to help you move your things, they may offer this service as an option but will not impose it. Also, each storage plan comes with a limited insurance plan but you may choose to purchase additional insurance for extra protection to your availed storage unit. They also offer a month-to-month payment basis so it will be easier for you to decide on how long you would like to rent the storage unit. See? They will not get sneaky on you and will not ruin the trust that you gave them.

Free van for collection and return

Friends offer you free rides most of the time and this what they do in easyStorage as well! Once you book a unit with them, this service is included in the package. No more hassle of renting a separate moving company as this comes free with them! They will happily pick your things up and will generously return your things as soon as you are done with the contract. How cool is that?

Your valuables are safe with them

Your secrets are safe with a true friend and this is how easyStorage will treat your belongings as well. Once you’ve entrusted them your things, rest assured that they will be safe and secure. Just from picking your things up, they will load it in easyPods and will store them in a purpose-built secure facility. Their storage units are monitored with CCTV 24/7 and with maximum security so you can be sure that your things will be free from theft or any unfortunate events.

User-friendly Space Guide

If you have the chance, you may want to check on their website to test how user-friendly their Space Guide is. For your convenience, you may determine the storage size you will be needing depending on the things that you are planning to store. They also have their list of standard storage sizes along with the information on how many items you can fit in in specific storage size. You can also have the interactive experience of calculating the space you need as they have this feature where you can key in the type of items and its quantity and it will automatically calculate the perfect storage size for you.

Accessibility and availability --- you can find them near you!

With easyStorage, prior to booking, you may search on their website which among their branches is near your place. Along with the available branch is the price list as well so you can have a rough estimate on how much money you will be paying. They have lots of branches around Greater London, South East, North West up to the Midlands so will you not have to worry about finding one that’s near you. In line with that, since you can find the nearest one, this will make the accessibility much easier. You will have easy access to your storage unit whenever you need to.

See? It’s just easy to count the ways why easyStorage is considered a friendly neighbourhood! It’s simply because they are being true with their brand values making them easy to trust with. You can’t deny their authenticity and sincerity when it comes to providing storage services. easyStorage will promise you to be of your service just like what the saying goes, “ A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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