Daisy Santiago
June 12, 2020

easyStorage: How to Use Self-Storage during Retirement

Retirement must be the pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow for every hardworking person who spent almost all their life working to earn a living. All of us will come to a point where we need to end our career phase and enjoy the golden years of retirement. People have different approaches when it comes to retirement. Some are spending it on organising and planning to downsize their home to make up for the years that they weren’t able to do it and some are into leisure where they buy boats or RV to enjoy a relaxing vacation they much deserve.

Whatever plans you have in mind in spending your retirement, I bet the most enticing idea is to live simply. No complications, more on the pure and blissful side of life.

Speaking of living simply, downsizing is one word you can associate with it. And we at easyStorage are here to help you achieve the simple life you’ve been picturing as soon as you step on that new and exciting stage of your life. So how does a storage facility can you help you make those plans into reality? Let me break it down for you.

easyStorage can make downsizing easy peasy

Downsizing a living space is one relaxation that most retirees are looking for. They would like to settle in a home that requires less maintenance and cost.

Let’s say you are living in a three-bedroom house with a big lawn. The very first thing you can think of when retiring is to move into a much smaller house. Maintaining a large house can be too costly and downsizing is one way to save more money that you can spend on your dream vacation. During downsizing, most likely, you will find things that you still want to keep and don’t want to dispose of. It can be your favourite couch or an antique dresser. easyStorage can be very helpful if you need extra storage to house those valuables.

Don't worry about the rent! We are the cheapest storage company in London compared to others you can find in the city. Our low-cost storage units are ideal for your budget as retirees. Unlike the traditional storage facilities, we have a free van to collect and return your things, providing you more convenience in moving your things and freeing you from the burden of looking for moving companies as we would gladly do it for you!

easyStorage can help you start a new hobby

If you are a frustrated painter or musician and you’ve set aside those interests to give way for your career, then, retirement is the best time to finally do it! You now have the liberty to focus and allot your time in learning and improving your hidden talent. Retirement is the perfect time to discover new hobbies as well. The world has limitless hobbies you can learn and now you have all the time for discovery. easyStorage can help you put those dreams in reality as we can provide you extra storage if you are planning to vacate one of your rooms to give space to your new learned hobby or talent that you’ve been wanting to improve. If you are into painting or you want to improve your skills in playing a musical instrument, we can keep your things in the meantime while you still work on those hobbies and skills. If you rent one of our low-cost storage units, you have the freedom to decide when to end the storage contract. You can easily terminate your contract if you think you no longer need the service. Here at easyStorage, we promote convenience! No complications! Just let us know your thoughts. We’ll always be right here as long as you need us!

easyStorage can help you secure important things

easyStorage can be reliable when it comes to keeping things that are valuable for you. We have 24/7 CCTV monitoring and we are giving you the sole right in accessing your storage unit, making your things safe and away from unfortunate events such as theft. We guarantee security from the moment we pick up your things.

Let’s say you are keeping a family heirloom but need to move to a smaller place. You can store it with us for the meantime until you decide to give it to one of your kids or relatives for safekeeping.

easyStorage can help you in Spring cleaning early

Spring is the ideal season for thorough cleaning of your house. But, what if time is asking you to do it even if it's not Spring yet? As a retiree, you can achieve a low maintenance living space through cleaning and decluttering. Even if it’s not Spring yet, you still have the freedom to do it. And easyStorage can be a reliable helper during such circumstances. We can offer you our storage units to keep your things in the meantime while you do your deep cleaning.

Decluttering is one way of sorting your things, too. We can keep your closet not too cramped as you can store your seasonal with us. Pro-tip is to find the closest easyStorage facility to your place so you can easily access such items whenever you need them.

easyStorage has different storage sizes you can choose from and we have several ways to do that easily. First, you can check our website at easStorage.com where you can have a virtual experience in estimating the storage size you need. You can key in the items that you are going to store and the system will automatically suggest the ideal size you need. You can also talk with one of our friendly representatives so you can have a one-on-one discussion regarding the best storage size that will fit your needs. Another way is by sending us an email at info@easystorage.com if you prefer a less personal approach to obtain information. And lastly, you may opt to visit our facilities so you can have real-life experience in checking our unit sizes.

easyStorage can help you have a fun and exciting retirement

We, at easyStorage, understand the excitement a retirement stage can bring. This is the moment to finally reap what you sow. When all you wish is for is to have fun and exciting free time! If you are long planning to have a boat, easyStorage can have the best space to store your boat. We can provide the best storage solution without costing you too much! Our storage unit starts at £18.50 with guaranteed no hidden charges. We only offer services only when needed and we will not surprise you with any charges that we did not agree upon. Now you can finally be adventurous and have fun without worrying about the space you need to be able to finally do what makes you happy.

Everybody deserves to have the best retirement there is as this is the reward we can give ourselves from years of working hard. You did well in providing for your family and it’s time to do something for yourself. easyStorage will always be glad in helping you have the best time of your life by providing the best storage solution at a very low cost!

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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