Daisy Santiago
March 30, 2020

easyStorage Beginner's Guide: What To Store and Not To Store

Now that you consider getting a storage unit to take care of those extra items you have, the next thing you need to do is to identify which among these things are meant for storage. If you are a beginner to getting a storage unit, let me walk you through to the DO’s and DON’Ts in storing things so you can avoid the hustle and bustle of doing it the first time.

Here let me take easyStorage as an example in identifying the things that are prohibited and things that are allowed in a storage facility.

easyStorage is really generous and friendly when it comes to using their storage units as you can pretty much store anything! However, as they say, there are limitations to everything. There are certain items that you are not allowed to store in their storage units due to some circumstances. Some items might cause harm or hassle both the company and the customer. Now, let me start the ORIENTATION 101 with the things that are allowed in a storage place as per guidelines from easyStorage.com.

Things you can store with easyStorage

Furniture and appliances

Large couches, extra mattresses, family heirlooms and large appliances such as lawnmowers, washing machines or anything that is occupying too much space in your home are ideal to be stored in a storage facility, especially if you are having plans of downsizing or decluttering. Old family memories are perfect to be stored as easyStorage facilities are climate-controlled and can preserve their quality.

Books and important documents

If you are a guilty bookworm yourself and admittedly buying every book that caught your eye, well, it is expected that piles of books are present around your house. You can either donate or store them in a storage facility. easyStorage can assure you that these books will stay in their good quality.

Important documents are also perfect to be stored in a storage facility, especially if you aim for safety and confidentiality. The facility can serve as an alternative file cabinet for your archives.

Clothes and shoes

Storage facilities can also serve as an extension of your closet. If your clothes are cramming up their designated space and you’re no longer using them, you can either donate or store them for future garage sales. You can also store seasonal clothes so they will not occupy space in your closet when it’s not yet the perfect time to use them.

In addition, a massive collection of shoes can also be stored in a storage facility. Most, if not all, facilities are climate-controlled, assuring customers that the quality of precious pairs will be maintained.

Sports and recreational equipment

Sports enthusiasts can also rely on storage facilities. Let’s say you have snowboards, skis, golf clubs, football gear, and equipment. You may opt to store these items in a storage facility so you can free up some space in your home. Hiking and mountaineering equipment can be stored in a facility when not in use as these items are considered seasonal. It is not every day that you are going to do these types of activities.

Things you cannot store with easyStorage

Any living things

Of course, a storage facility is a closed space unit and is a BIG NO-NO for living things. Animals and even plants are not allowed to be stored here.

Liquids of any kind

easyStorage avoids moulds and leaks that are commonly caused by liquid substances. Hence, liquids are not allowed in any easyStorage facilities. This is to preserve the good quality of each unit for the benefit of each user.

Food and anything perishable

A storage unit is not a big refrigeration area. So, food and any perishable items are not allowed inside.

Hazardous items and illegal substances of any kind

Anything combustible, toxic, firearms, and illegal are strictly prohibited to be stored in any easyStorage facilities. Those types of items are red flags, and everyone should be aware of it. easyStorage strictly implements the safety and security of both the company and the customers.

So, these are some of the items "to store" and "not to store" with easyStorage. Hopefully, this helps you sort out your items to be stored. Be cautious of the possible red flags that will prohibit you from renting a storage unit. If you have further questions, you may reach easyStorage through their 24/7 chat support.

Following these basic guidelines will be a win-win situation for both the storage facility and the customer. The common goal here is to protect both parties from any unfortunate events that may cause harm and inconvenience. Now, are you ready to book a unit with easyStorage?

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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