Daisy Santiago
March 30, 2020

easyStorage: A Business Partner for Home-based Online Bookstore

If you happen to have a massive collection of books that are piling up. You even stored them in a storage facility as they are occupying too much space in your home. And even the storage unit you rent is getting crammed up. Why not consider selling them online?

Second-hand book online selling is a booming trade in the UK. As per BBC.com’s report, Patrik Oqvist from World of Books, the UK's largest second-hand book retailer, estimates the market is growing by 8-10% each year. If you are into online selling and also a bookworm, then, maybe this is the perfect venture for you! In this digital age, online selling is one of the fast-growing businesses since the internet is very accessible.

If you have books that are piling up almost everywhere, you might want to consider finding them new owners – you can donate or sell them! Both ideas are a win-win situation, but the latter could give you an additional cash benefit. Everything may be digital now, but some people are still not into e-books. They still want to feel the crisp of every page and the familiar scent of a print book. Plus, books on paper are still reusable even if you spill juice or milk on them, unlike tablets and kindles.

People who are always on the hunt for first edition or signed books are commonly the consumers you will encounter in this kind of business. Maybe you happen to have the book they are looking for. How cool is that? You don’t have to make everything complicated in starting a home-based online used book sale. When preparing the basics, you may use those available resources around you. You may opt to go on the actual “business” process if things go your way and the number of your clients are getting bigger. In the meantime, let me walk you through the steps to help you get started with the resources you already have.

1. Make an inventory of the books you have

List down the books you have on your shelves, arranged per author or alphabetically. Whatever suits you. Then, identify which are for selling and which are for keeping. You’ll never know while digging into your collection, you might find books that are considered treasure and may be sold at a price higher than you expect.

2. Consider a storage facility as a business partner

Since you are planning to sell books, you have to ensure they are always in good condition. You have to store them in a place where their temperature will be controlled. They may be old, but their vintage characteristics are what people are willing to pay for. Don't try to make your home your storehouse. You will just defeat your purpose - removing the books piling everywhere. In short, decluttering. A good storage facility is a reliable partner you should consider if you are thinking of making home-based online bookstore a full-time business. Try checking out easyStorage.com. They have climate-controlled storage units that will keep your books from getting moulds, leaks, damps, etc. They also have top-of-the-line security that will assure you that your books are safe. If you're thinking about how you will transport your books to the facility, worry no more! easyStorage provides a free van for collection and return of items, unlike the traditional self-storage. Isn’t that the best partnership you could ever find?

3. Online marketing

Online marketing is the best way to reach out to a massive number of customers. You can utilise free social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest in marketing your books for sale. Posting them online is very convenient. You just have to create an account, take pictures of the books you have, prepare short descriptions, and voila! You're good to go! Post them and let the people see your collection. Customers will have easy access to the wide selection of books you are trying to sell. It would also be a plus if you can think of unique marketing strategies online as this will surely help you gain more customers.

What I have mentioned above are just the basic of the basics if you really like to take the path of online used book sale. You may opt to do thorough research if you plan to take this to a higher level. In the meantime, try testing the waters first and see where it will take you.

I believe easyStorage can be a reliable and valuable partner if you are to take the path of home-based online bookstore. Choose the branch nearest to you for accessibility.

Furthermore, easyStorage offers a no-frills approach to pricing which is perfect for business starters like you! Try discussing this with one of their representatives so you can have more ideas on how to maximise the use of their storage units plus the benefits it can contribute to your business.

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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