Alex Fulcher
October 17, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Self Storage Security Measures

We unpack security measures in the self storage industry, explaining how they impact customers looking to safely store their belongings.

Understanding Self Storage Security Measures

The range of self storage security measures is confusing; spo sometimesyou need a storage expert to explain the details to you. Warehouses often found hidden somewhere in bustling cities, that can provide a safe space for your belongings. These spaces have transformed over time. They’ve evolved for ease, lower prices and better security.

The Birth of Self Storage Security Measures

Self storage is not a new idea. The concept of self storage itself dates back to ancient civilizations. People used to hide valuables in chambers and vaults However, the birth of organised self storage as we know it today took place in the mid-20th century.

Initially, self storage units were simple and quite basic, often resembling large garages with minimal security. The level of trust between the storage provider and the customer was high, and security was not a primary concern.

But as the demand for self storage facilities grew, so did the need for security measures. The storage industry realised that customers needed more than just space; they required peace of mind that their belongings were safe and secure. Thus, the concept of self storage security measures was conceived.

How Self Storage Security Measures Developed

Security measures within the self storage industry completely changed. At first, it was just basic sturdy locks and a small staff presence. These were comforting to customers but there was need for more.

With technology advancing, surveillance cameras became standard. They were able to assist storage facility owners, ensuring they premises could be monitored remotely. Access control systems, like electric keypads, added an extra layer of protection, allowing entrance to only authorised individuals.

In recent years, the industry has seen the introduction of biometric access, where a fingerprint scan or facial recognition grants you entry. 

The Impact of Self Storage Security Measures

The impact of these security measures is larger than you might think. Self storage used to be used only in an emergency and as a temporary quick fix. Now self storage has become a vital resource to support people through all stages of their lives. Whether you are downsizing, moving to a new city like London, renovating your home or dealing with a divorce, you want to be sure that your possessions are safe.

Better self storage security measures have empowered people to make these life changes with confidence. You can store all your important belongings, knowing that will be safe and protected.

Security measures when it comes to storage aren’t just about stopping items going missing, it’s also about protecting them. Climate-controlled units can protect your belongings from extreme weather conditions so that they are kept in the condition you left them in.

Self storage security measures range from the latest technology facility design or security seals to CCTV. Your belongings are in good hands, we’ll tell you exactly why.

The Role of Technology in Self Storage Security

The modern self storage industry isn't just about offering you a space to store your items anymore. It's about convenience too.

At easyStorage, we understand how important security is, and it's not just limited to technology (even though we do love our tech!) Our commitment to safeguarding your belongings goes beyond.

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Surveillance Cameras

A big part of securing self storage facilities is now CCTV. With cameras around the warehouses, one can make sure that any strange or suspicious activity is recorded.

Our easyStorage facilities are often unmarked and always have limited public access as well as CCTV.

Access Control

Access used to be limited to just keys and padlocks. However now there is a range of systems including keypads, key card and mobile apps to help keep things secure.

Biometric Access

Other systems that have now become commonplace are things like biometric access systems. This is when you can access your storage unit by scanning your fingerprint or with facial recognition.

The Design of Self Storage Facilities

You would necessarily think of building layout and design as a huge part of self storage security, but it can be a huge help.

At easyStorage, our facilities are often not signposted, we also use the layout of our warehouses to protect the items in storage. Since we are a mobile storage service, we use a pod storage systems, access is almost impossible unless you have a personal forklift! They are stacked high and uniquely numbered which are only identifiable to easyStorage staff and the customer that it belongs to. Each storage unit is secured with a uniquely numbered security seal which is put on at the customers house. This means that each customer knows their easyPod has remained unopened during it’s time in storage.

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Shining a Light on Security

Great lighting isn't only for looks or comfort; they're a vital security feature. Good lighting around the warehouse facilities can stop unwanted visitors. At easyStorage, we focus on your security. Our storage facilities are sufficiently lit, giving customers safe and secure visits to their storage unit.

The Human Element in Self Storage Security

The human element in security should not be ignored. To make a real difference to self storage facility security, one needs experienced, trained, attentive and responsive staff.

At easyStorage, our team are experts in security. They are quick to act on unusual activity and provide assistance to customers. Knowing that there are real people looking out for your belongings is always comforting.

Summary of Self Storage Security Measures

From the small beginnings of storage units especially large garages to the high-tech, secure facilities of today, the journey has been a long one.

The impact of these security measures goes beyond stopping items from going missing; it can mean your belongings are also protected from environmental factors. It has made self storage units a reliable choice for those going through various life changes.

Looking at all the parts that make up a secure self storage unit, it's clear that the best measures are is a multi-layered approach. It's not just about having the latest tech; it's about creating a safe and secure environment where your items are in good hands.

So, whether you're downsizing, moving, renovating, or experiencing personal transitions, you can do so with confidence, knowing that self storage security measures are on your side. Your precious items are protected by a combination of advanced technology, facility design, and a dedicated staff, especially with easyStorage.

Alex Fulcher

Alex joined the easyStorage family after landing her dream role as the social media and content manager in September 2021. She has a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, finding her way through various industries: from theatre to charity work. From helping her fathers' family business, she has always known that amazing people are the foundations for any successful business - proven by the likes of easyStorage. She enjoys walking her handsome dog Leo, reading and going to the theatre. This is of course, when she is not travelling the world jumping out of planes or scuba diving with Turtles, which she says are bigger than any of our easyStorage boxes!

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