Daisy Santiago
May 27, 2020

5 Tips in Creating a Workspace in Your Small Apartment

Dedicating a workspace or a home office should be equally valuable as any part of your apartment whether this is for a remote job or line of work is something that can be done at the comfort of your own home. More often than not, we tend to put this last on our list as sometimes we resort to our bedroom or living room as our go-to workspace. But hey, who doesn’t want working at the comfort of your bed with your PJs on while reviewing your business report? Think again. According to Harvard Business Review’s Guide to Being More Productive, “Unless you are careful to maintain boundaries, you may start to feel like you’re always at work and losing a place to come home to.” Working and sleeping in the same area is not a good idea as you tend to lose your work-life balance, which eventually will lead you to stress and being burnt out from work and feels like you don’t have a life anymore.

Also, a space dedicated to work only will help you be more productive as it will give you the mood that you need to work instead of a cozy bed that will tend to make you too relax letting you lose your focus. But what if you have a small apartment and you cannot afford to give up your favorite couch to give way to your workspace? Don’t you worry! easyStorage can help you accommodate the things that you need to remove from your apartment for the meantime while you need to work from home or to free up space for your home office. We are the cheapest storage company in London. Our pricing starts at only £18.50 with guaranteed no hidden charges. Unlike traditional storage companies, we can collect and return your things since we provide a free van for the moving work! Yes, you heard that right! We are here to help you with your storage dilemma so you can provide a dedicated space for your career. Now, read on as we give you the essentials on how to set up your workspace.

1. Pick a perfect spot

We know that you have limited space and there are no many options in choosing the perfect spot for your workspace. Let’s say you have a one-bedroom apartment or a studio type, you may opt to dedicate a corner of your apartment, preferably near the window for good lighting or for a good view in case you need to take a break from long gruesome paperwork.

Also, decluttering can help you provide a space for your home office. You never know, there might be things around your apartment that can be kept away for the meantime or until such time that you no longer have to work from home. Remember to choose a spot that can create a boundary between sleep and work.

2. Invest in an ergonomic chair

Choosing a good quality chair is important as you need to consider the comfort that you need if you intend to sit on there for a long period. A chair that can provide good lumbar support is a plus, too, to avoid back pains. Try looking for those padded chairs and height that can be adjusted so you can set it to a height that your feet can be able to rest flat as this will also help in avoiding back pains. A collapsible chair is ideal for those that have limited space in an apartment so you can free up space during those hours that you will not use it.

Pro tip: Choose comfort over style. We should bear in mind that our goal is to be productive even if we are working from home!

3. Set up a proper lighting

A workspace near your window can greatly add to proper lighting and this can also save energy if there’s no need to use your desk lamp. Plus, a little of bit sunlight can help you boost your mood and can make you more productive. Overhead lighting can also be a supplement as this can help in reducing eye strain if you need to work overnight. Make sure to create a well-lit desk that can adjust to how long you need to be working.

4. Choose the right desk

A desk is also of the essentials in setting up a workspace. This will support your laptop, lamp desk, or any office tools that you will be needing. In choosing the right desk, you must bear in mind the type of work that you have and how much space it will need for a desk. If you only need a laptop, that would be much better. This will not occupy too much space in your apartment since you have a limited source. Bear in mind that a desk should be large enough and just the right height to achieve the comfort you need while working. If you need a larger desk to support the kind of work you do but you’re thinking of the space you only have, sort out the things you can keep in a storage facility for the meantime. Don’t be stressed out by squeezing the amount of your paperwork with the desk you bought out of consideration for your small apartment.

5. Declutter and organise

Decluttering not just only help you provide more space to your home office, but it can also reduce the stress that is caused by the mess that you can find in your apartment. Setting up your workspace can also lead you to declutter and through this, you can sort out the things you can sell, throw, keep or store. This way, you can get your workspace and your small apartment more organised, giving you a view that can clear up your mind with less stress and anxiety. Decluttering can also help you be more productive as the kind of place you work can resonate with your work ethics, too.

We at easyStorage can help you with your decluttering task. We can provide storage units with various sizes that you may need in keeping your things. We don’t want you to end up using a storage unit that is too big for your things or too small that you cram up your things inside. You can check our website at easystorage.com and have an interactive experience of finding the perfect storage size. You may also speak with one of our representatives to help you choose and book a storage unit. Or, simply send us an email and we will gladly assist you!

A limited space should not limit you in creating areas in your apartment that are essential to your living. There are unlimited resources out there that can help you achieve those possibilities. All you need is to be open-minded and creative in finding those resources.

Daisy Santiago

Daisy is our superstar blogger. With a marketing background and passion for writing, she loves to explore and research topics & put them into writing. Outside of work her hobbies include blogging, writing, blogging, writing. (We keep telling her to get out more)

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