Nick Mennear
December 1, 2019

4 Top Tips for storing Christmas decorations

Storing your Christmas decorations can be a stressful affair. After all, one of the best feelings is the excitement of decorating for Christmas. Closely followed by presents. The shiny lights. And of course, the food. But once it’s over. The agony of taking it all down afterwards and putting it all back. Saddened further when you see all the twinkly lights and sparkly Christmas ornaments disappear for months. Wait, there's more. 

The hassle to store everything properly without it taking up space or becoming a mess for next year, you begin to wonder why you did it all! You don’t want to be the person come December twisting endless cables, tinsel like a Rubik’s cube. (Unless that’s your thing). There is good news though. 

These top tips will make storing your decorations a little bit easier. From baubles to gift wrap and trees, here are some storage ideas that can help you get excited again when Christmas returns.

These 4 top tips for storing your Christmas decorations will put you in the prepared club come next year!  

1. The use of suitable boxes or containers

  Sounds straightforward! (Hear me out) Put some proper thought into what goes into your boxes or containers. You should do proper planning before taking stock of what needs to be packed, deciding where and how to pack lighter and heavier decorations. Use solid plastic containers for the heavier items, ones which are durable with hard plastic interior and exterior. For lighter items such as tinsel we would recommend using cardboard boxes. 

2. Making good use of your marker pen and labelling

  How many times do you get the box of decorations down for it to read Box 1, Decoration 1, Tree stuff or worse yet NOTHING! You could make life so much easier when it comes time to start unpacking it. Go with a more precise approach. Box 1 - Contents Tinsel, Advent calendar, Baubles, Stars, Glitter. Box 2 - Wrapping Paper, Santa Socks, Lights etc.  This alone will be the ultimate time saver when you decorate again, and make sure you have the most important items for when you decorate. 

3. Christmas Lights Storage

  Can you put yourself in this picture? You know the feeling. Opening the box containing the Christmas lights to find a spider, tangled web of cords. And if you’ve not stored them correctly a few broken light bulbs. A half lite Christmas tree just won’t look the same. But with a few items from around the house you can store your lights minus the pain. Get yourself a cardboard box. Tape the plug down and then weave the lights over and around the cardboard. This keep them tangle free. Be sure to put them into a plastic container after.

4. Lists

Creating a list of all the items packed away will be a blessing when it comes to getting things down. Keeping a precise list will allow the preparation for buying stuff or very least knowing what you don’t need to purchase easier. Avoid the dash to the shops and the Christmas queues for last minute stuff.  

If that’s still too much for you to do, and you’d rather rely on someone else doing it then we can help. Our popular collection service means we come to your door with two dedicated expert packers. 

You can tell us what needs to stay. What you want to keep. And we will get it all done. Then come December your items are back to you all stored safely and secure.

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Nick Mennear

Nick is a storage consultant at easyStorage. He engages daily with customers across the U.K tackling all their storage questions, consulting and advising the best solutions when possible. Its here his best placed to get insights and be able to put them from spoken into the written word. Ask him any storage questions or miscellaneous topics, just not cats.

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