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Frequently Asked Questions
How does easyStorage referral program work?

1. Sign up above to join the program.
2. Choose how you’d like to share the offer with your friends. Whatsapp, Facebook, Email or Messenger.
3. If They place an order with us, we will credit your account with £50, and your friend gets a £50 discount for a minimum stay of 2 months
4. This offer may not be used with any other offers. Available only for easyStorage customers.

How many friends can I recommend?

You can recommend as many friends as you'd like, but the amount you can earn through the Recommend a Friend scheme is a maximum of £500 per tax year (6 April to 5 April the following year).

When will I receive my £50?

Once your friend has placed an order, we’ll send you a notification to the email address linked to your easyStorage account within 10 working days after picking up your friend's items to store.

When will my friend receive their reward?

Once your friend has placed an order with us for a minimum stay of two months, we will immediately apply the discount. This offer may not be used with any other offer. If your friend has a different promotion/offer, we will consider whichever is lowest.

How can I see how many friends I've referred and how many rewards I've earned?

Checking the status of your referrals is easy!

Once you sign up, we will send you a unique link to share with your friend. You can see the status of your referrals in the lower section of the page.

I have more questions

We're happy to help, call us on 0800 061 4091 or email us at

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Our storage packages have the added benefit of free removal of your items, saving you up to £1,000. All you need to do is pack your items (or we can pack for you, supplying boxes and packing material) and we’ll pick-up your items and store them in our safe and secure easyStorage facility. Then when you are ready, we’ll deliver them wherever you need us to. You just need to give us two working days’ notice. Perfect if you are moving house, running out of space, or just need somewhere to store your stuff.  

Our storage plans provide you with a cost-effective alternative to renting your own lock-up storage space as we’ll only charge you for the storage space you need, making it cheaper for you.

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