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Earn commission by referring your clients, partners or members

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I recommend easyStorage?

Referral can be done in two ways; directly or indirectly. Direct referral would be during your day-to-day conversations when you speak to clients, partners, or members. We just need their contact details from you and we will do the rest! Indirect referral involves a dedicated discount code that easyStorage will supply you with. The discount code can be used for a direct discount on our website and will correspond to the dedicated referral partner.

What happens when I sign up?

Once you sign up you will receive your easyStorage welcome pack. The welcome pack includes information about how the referrals can be done, plus your dedicated personalised referral page.

When will I receive my commission and how much will it be?

Please see the table above to understand how the commission tiers work. Commission is paid immediately after the customer booking has actualised. An actualised booking means that the storage booking has taken place.

How do I get my commission?

The commission is paid directly on your bank account.

How do I find out if a referral was successful?

Upon sign-up, you will receive access to a dedicated personalised referral page. Through this page you will be able to see your referrals and how they are progressing.

Who can join the Referral Network?

A company name is required to join the program and it is designed for professional use i.e. your clients, partners, or members. For our Refer a Friend scheme please visit: www.easystorage.com/refer-a-friend

easyStorage has proved to be an efficient way for our clients and members to access storage services. The collection and return of items with excellent customer service really makes this service a go-to for all of us.

Anita Richardson

As an easyStorage affiliate, I know that I have access to affordable and secure storage for my clients, whatever their requirements may be. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them if you are looking for a partner for your self-storage requirements.

Mel Carruthers

We developed a great partnership with easystorage and their dedication to our needs is evident in all aspects. We appreciate their attention to detail and accommodating approach to welcoming us.It’s really great to see how easy it was to navigate their site and how we could track and trace the progress.

Mohammed Shuaib Arshid